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Warning: Only the websites listed below (on this page) under "Official BSA Sites" are official resources. The link above is to many unofficial information sites. These unofficial sites -- although they can be very informative -- can include content that is misleading, incorrect, or, worse, suggests activities that are unacceptable or unsafe by BSA standards.
Regardless of the authoritative appearance of any Web source, whether for Scouting or for a specific activity or practice, unit leaders should always check with their local council service center before formally incorporating such materials into a unit program.

For Desert District:

Desert District Website (This website)
Southern Sierra Council
Camp Kern - Southern Sierra Council - B.S.A.

Official BSA Sites:

National BSA WebSite
Army's Youth Certificates of Recognition Program
Boys' Life
Boy Scouts (general information)
Council Locator
Eagle Scout Required Merit Badges
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project
Guide to Safe Scouting
High Adventure
International Division
Just for Scouts
National Eagle Scout Association
Religious Emblem Program
Rank Advancement and Required Merit Badges
Scouting magazine
Site Map
Supply Division
The Young American Award
Venturing Program
William T. Hornaday Award

Fact Sheets (These Fact Sheets, maintained by the External Communications Division, provide detailed and up-to-date information about every aspect of Scouting: programs, awards, history, practices, and more.)

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