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Pictures are located on a different server.

  • There is no need to log in at
  • Select "Desert" from the second box in the blue bar
  • Press the red "select" button to the right of this box.
You will now see
  • Press the word "photos" above the blue bar
You will now see
  • Click through the events for the pictures you want to see

The pictures are in 3 formats:

  • Thumbnail
  • Medium, when you click on the thumbnail
  • "View original image for printing" link to the left from the picture mentioned in Medium
If you have difficulties
When you accidentally pressed a wrong button, it can be that you don't find the Desert District pictures (brouser keeps it in memmory) while you do not notice this on the addressbar.
A solution is to close all your brouser windows and start over.
This problems is caused by the ScoutSpirit set-up.

Please, let us know what you think of the pictures.


The pictures are to show events of our District. No names will be listed of youth members. Names of adult members on rare occasions with permission of the individual.
The pictures need a lot of server space; in order not to step over the hospitality boundaries of IWVISP who so graciously donated the space for our website, we place the pictures on

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