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Merit Badge Information

Scoutmasters are NOT automaticly a Merit Badge Counselors for some Merit Badges! Everyone has to apply -- and be approved -- before counseling for Merit Badges.

The merit badge program is part of the advancement plan of the Boy Scouts of America. A merit badge is an award that is presented to a Boy Scout, Varsity or Venturing Scout when he has completed the requirements for one of more than 100 subjects in a wide variety of art, craft, hobby, sport, trade, profession, agribusiness, service, or self-improvement areas. The badge is only a small piece of cloth with a design embroidered in color -- but its significance is as large as the interest of the merit badge counselor who helps a Scout earn it.

Requirements for 200X (X = Current Year)

The Boy Scout requirements 200X book has the official requirements of the Boy Scouts of America. These requirements are effective through December 200X. The requirements listed in this book might not match those in the merit badge pamphlets because the pamphlets may not have been recently revised.

Latest version:

There have been several changes to merit badge requirements in the past few years. Make sure you get the up to date version of the Merit Badge pamphlets. These pamphlets are an aid to earning the merit badge; the requirements listed in the "200X requirements" book are the official requirements.

A list of merit badge pamphlets can be found in the back of the "Boy Scout Requirements 200X" book.


The Scout buddy system needs to be used at all times!


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