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These are the steps that a Scout takes to earn a merit badge.

(See also the Boy Scout Handbook.)

  • Let the Scoutmaster know which Merit Badge he wants to earn.
  • Select a merit badge counselor for that merit badge from the list provided by the District. (Note: try to choose a MB counselors that has elected to work with the scouts troop only as a first choice to make the load for other Counselors lighter.)
  • Gets a signed merit badge application (blue card) from his Scoutmaster or Varsity Scout Coach and finds a buddy who can attend the merit badge counselor meetings with him. (His buddy can be another Scout, a parent or guardian, a brother or sister, or a relative or friend.)
  • Gets the merit badge pamphlet on the subject of his choice as an aid (note: the "XXXX ** Boy Scout Requirement" book has the official requirements.) His patrol or troop may have one he can borrow. So may the library. Or he may purchase one from the local council service center. The book comes out every year.
    ** Current year.
    A good non-official website for MB information is
  • Contacts the merit badge counselor and explains that he would like to earn the badge. Along with his buddy, meets the counselor and discusses how he can get the most out of the time he spends working on the badge.
  • Learns and does the things that the pamphlet explains. Goes as far as he can to fulfill the requirements on his own with the counselor's approval.
  • When he is ready, he and his buddy make another appointment with the counselor. The counselor will spend time with him going over the important parts of the subject. A good counselor will also help him see beyond the requirements and discover ways to continue learning about the subject. If the counselor is satisfied that the Scout has completed the requirements, he will sign the merit badge form. (Note: the counselor keeps his part of the card and gives the two remaining parts back to the Scout.) If not, the counselor will explain what he still must do.
  • The Scout gives the signed form to his Varsity Scout Coach or Scoutmaster, who will sign the card for completion.
  • The Scout presents the card to the Advancement Chairman, who takes one part of the card for troop records. (The Scout keeps one part for his own records.)
  • The Advancement Chairman will get the badge for the Scout and the badge will be presented to the Scout during a troop ceremony.

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