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Thank you for your interest to be a Merit Badge Counselor and helping boys in Scouting. Without your help, the Boy Scouts Merit Badge program would be a failure.

Becoming a Merit Badge Counselor
(There is no fee for being a Merit Badge Counselor.)

Follow the 5 Steps below:

Step 1.

A Merit Badge Counselor in the Desert District has to be registered with the Boy Scout

If you are already registered in Scouting in another capacity, you can either fill out a new form - for codes see picture - or turn in a copy of your approved adult application with your unit.

If you are not yet registered: fill out an complete Adult Application form (link to National). Fill out the division position and position code blocks on the form as shown in the picture.

Answer questions 1, through 6, and sign the bottom.

Step 2.

Fill out a "Merit Badge Information" form, which can be downloaded here. This pdf file can be filled out on the computer.

Step 3.

Drop both forms off at the scouthut or at a roundtable, or mail them to:

Boy Scouts of America
Desert District
c/o Advancement Committee
P.O. Box 1364
Ridgecrest, CA 93556

Step 4.

Submission of an application does not automatically qualify you to be a counselor for the listed Merit Badges. You will be notified of the acceptance of your qualifications by a member of the District Advancement Committee, at which time you may counsel for the Merit Badge(s) that are approved by the Committee.

Step 5.

Attend the Merit Badge Counselor Training. For dates look at our calendar.
Attend Youth Protection Training -- Training has to be taken every two years.
These trainings do not have to be taken in a particular order.

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