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Youth Protection Training

First time Youth Protection Training need to be taken "face to face" Check the events calendar for dates. The dates do not fit your schedule? If you have 5 people that need to have YPT training, we will work with you to bring the training to you.
This still does not work for you? Please let us know and we will see how we can work it out. There should be no reason for anyone not to have YPT training.

Youth Protection Training needs to be taken every 2 years in order to stay current.

Renewal of Boy and Cub Scout Youth Protection Training can be taken online.

Please read the instruction below carefully before taking the training.

  1. Links for YPT training from National can only made from Council Websites (see below for instructions for our Council's Website)
  2. Make sure that you select "Southern Sierra Council" from the list of choices.
  3. Take the training and do the test.
  4. When you pass the test, make sure that you make copies of the "Course Completed" page.
  5. The instructions say to mail a copy of the "Course Completed (that has your name on it)" page to Bakersfield.
    However, mail also a copy to our Desert District office
    BSA - Desert District -- YPT Training
    P.O. Box 1364
    Ridgecrest, CA 93556
    If you receive a certificaat from National by e-mail, forward it to
    (Mine took 2 1/2 weeks to get by e-mail)

Online YPT Training from our Council ( click on "Online Youth Protection Training" on the right site of the page.

If this site does not work: try one of the other Councils listed below or any other that offers YPT online. Make sure that you select "Southern Sierra Council" on the form.

Western Los Angeles County Council
Trans Atlantic Council
Verdugo Hills Council

Still having problems to find a site for online YPT training? Let us know!

For additional information contact Francina

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