Archery Range Rules & Regulations

  1. Only club members are allowed to shoot on the range - non-member must accompanied by a club member.
  2. Shoot only at a designated target in an appropriate shooting area.
  3. All archers shoot from and straddle a common shooting line unless at a 3D range where shooting is from a marked or staked location.
  4. Arrows are knocked only after the shooting area is cleared and shooters are on the common line.
  5. Don't draw the bow with a knocked arrow unless you are going to release the arrow.
  6. Arrows are considered shot (spent) if they fall from the bow and cannot be reached with the aid of the bow while standing astride shooting line.
  7. After shooting your designated number of arrows, step back from the shooting line until the signal to retrieve is given.
  8. During archery shooting instructions or events, all bows will be placed on the bow racks prior to shooting. Arrows will be place in a side or ground quivers prior to the commencement of shooting and will only be knocked on the string after the archer is on line and the shooting line has been cleared.
  9. After each end the bow will be returned to the bow rack.
  10. Retrieve arrows only on the appropriate signal.
  11. Never shoot an arrow up in the air.
  12. Prior to each shooting session, the archer should carefully check bows and arrows to make sure both are in a proper state of repair.
  13. Never shoot (release) your bow without an arrow in it (DRY FIRE).
  14. Avoid wearing bulky clothes or jewelry that might interfere with shooting.
  15. Make certain arrows are the proper length for your reach.
  16. Only one individual at a time should withdraw arrows from the target.
  17. Always be conscious of the possible dangers of bows and arrows. Treat the tackle and the sport with respect.
  18. There will be no broad heads arrows allowed on the range at any time.
  19. Junior members MUST be accompanied by an adult club member to shoot. (18 or older)

The following Whistle System/Voice Commands will be used:
  1. Two whistle blasts – Archers to the Shooting line
    1. Archers walk carefully to the shooting line
    2. One foot on either side of the shooting line
    3. Keep arrows in quiver, fingers off string
  2. One whistle blast – Commence Shooting
    1. Remove arrows one at a time from quiver, load bow, shoot at target
    2. When all arrows have been shot, step behind waiting line
    3. Place bow on rack
  3. Three whistle blasts – Retrieve arrows
    1. Walk carefully toward your target to retrieve arrows
    2. Stop at the Target line for additional instructions
  4. Four or more whistle blasts in rapid succession – CEASE SHOOTING
    1. Dangerous condition
    2. Stop shooting, even if ready to release
    3. Place arrow back in quiver
    4. Wait for signal to resume shooting
    5. Anyone who detects an unsafe condition can call a Cease Shooting

A list of safety rules could never address all situations. Archery Range Users are expected to be safety conscious and responsible at all times. Any questions regarding this document should be forwarded to the range master.


  1. No broadheads shall be used.
  2. IBO scoring shall be used (11X-11-10-8).
  3. An arrow must be in the target to score, except a (‘PASS-THRU‘) which must be witnessed by another shooter. Bounce in’s and glance off’s shall not score.
  4. For “CUB’s” only, bounce off’s (must be witnessed) shall count for minimum score of (8) points.
  5. Antlers do not score.
  6. Shaft of arrow must touch the line for higher score.
  7. Binoculars are allowed (Max 10 Power); no range finders.
  8. No range finder devices allowed at any time on the range during the shoot.
  9. Shooter must stand within 1 yard (3 feet) from marker to shoot.
  10. Rule violations can result in disqualification.
  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct can result in disqualification.
  12. Unsafe shooting or actions may result in immediate removal from the range.
  13. Littering the range will NOT be tolerated. Anybody caught littering may be disqualified.(This includes cigarette butts thrown on ground too.)
  14. NO alcohol on the range.
  15. Stakes farthest from the target must be shot first unless otherwise directed.
  16. Once a shooter has reached full draw, a controlled letdown (pointed downward) must be verbally announced (by shooter) prior to the shot. If an arrow is launched down range during a control let down, it may be re-shot without penalty unless the arrow hits the target.
  17. If a shooter launches an arrow out of their reach during the process of coming to a full draw the shooter may re-shoot the arrow without penalty, so long as the entire group agrees it was not an intentional release, the shooter had come to full draw, and the arrow did not hit the target.
  18. Those in large groups or shooting slower, please allow other to go in front of you.


Page last updated: 20 April 2018