ARTICLE 1



This organization shall be known as the COSO ARCHERY CLUB and shall be hereinafter referred to as the CLUB. The principal office of the Club shall be located at the current Club Presidents home or office or as he/she shall designate.


  1. This Club is devoted to the development of archery as a means of healthy recreation, physical fitness, hunting, and to the maintance of high standards of fair play, good sportsmanship, and fellowship .The Club is open to athletes, hunters, and others without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or physical disabilities
    1. To provide the means and faculties for the promotion and education of target archery in the Indian Wells Valley. Such education to take the form of, basic, advanced archery instruction, instructor training coach’s development, etc.
    2. To encourage the use of the bow in hunting of all legal game, birds, and animals.
    3. To cooperate with conservation organizations in the propagation and conservation of game...
    4. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by the organization


2 The Club shall keep correct and complete books and records of accounts and minutes of all meetings of the members of the Board of Directors and committees. A record of the names, addresses, shall be kept at the principal office of the Club or other place designated by the Board of Directors. Any member, at any reasonable time may inspect all the books and records of the Club at any reasonable time.

3   The Board of Directors has the right and duty to clarify and doubt or ambiguity in the interpretations of the Constitution or By-Laws. Any decision made be will be final and conclusive.

4 Any dispute arising over or in connection with an election shall be determined by the Board of Directors, a decision that shall be final and conclusive.


                                                                ARTICLE II



  1. Membership shall be granted to anyone 18 years or age or older who in interested in archery, and understand the Rules, Bylaws, and pays dues.
  2. Active membership in good standing is defined as a member whose dues are up to date
  3. The Board of Directors may suspend or expel any member for conduct detrimental to the interest of the Club.


                                                         ARTICLE III

                                                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS


1 The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Range Master, and

    Shoot Coordinator, and Range coordinator. 


2 The Board of Directors shall manage the activities, enforce the policies and control the property of the Club.


3 At any meeting of the Board of Directors, four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.


4 All vacancies of the Board Directors or any office shall be filled for the remainder of the term by appointment

  of the Board of Directors.


5 The Board of Directors shall meet 4 X per year at a time and place fixed by the Board.


                                                              ARTICLE IV

                               DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS


1 The President shall preside at all meetings and shall be responsible for the operations of the Club.


2 The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President if the President is unable to act.  Host of new members/shooter set up needs on event days. To help as Range Master as needed.


3 The Secretary shall keep all records of the Club, Serve all notices of meetings, conduct all correspondence, keep the minutes and in general perform all the duties incident to the office.


4 The treasurer shall receive all monies of the Club, keep accurate records of the receipts and disbursements and in general has the powers to perform the duties incident to the office.


5 The Range Master with the support of the assistants is responsible for the safety and the Set-Up Range during

    events. Range Master is responsible for planning & coordinating the monthly shoots.  Help where needed.


6 Range Coordinator’s is responsible for the maintenance of the Club Range. This includes upkeep for the

   restrooms, equipment, Shed’s, Straw Bales, and range. To help where needed.


7 Shoot Coordinator is responsible for the score cards, and Day of shoot sign-in/ balance sheet.


                                                               ARTICLE V

                                           ELECTIONS AND TERMS OF OFFICE


1 The annual meeting of the Club will be held in December and no later than the end of January of the next year.


2 At the annual meeting the membership shall elect the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and vote on any proposed constitutional changes or amendments.


3 Term of each office shall be for one year. There is no limit on the number of times an individual may be re-elected and hold an office.


4 The voting privilege is extended to senior members in good standing only.


                                                             ARTICLE VI

                                                         FEES AND DUES


1 Fees and dues will be determined by the Board of Directors and presented for approval to the general membership at the Club meeting.


2 No refund of dues or fees shall be made to any member upon severance with the Club.



                                                              ARTICLE VII

                                                             FISCAL YEAR


1 The fiscal Year of the Club shall be January 1-December 31.


2 Membership fees are due January 1 of each year. Members joining after March 31 of that year will pay 75% of the annual dues and their membership will run through the remainder of that fiscal year.


                                                            ARTICLE VIII




1 The President shall recommend committees when there is a need.


                                                            ARTICLE IX



1 By-laws will hereafter be adopted. Such by-laws may be amended or repealed in whole or in part in any manner provided therein; the amendment to the by-laws shall be binding on all members, including those who voted against them.


                                                              ARTICLE X

                                            CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS


1 A proposed amendment to this constitution may be initiated by;

       (A) The Board of Directors.

       (B)  A petition directed to the Board of Directors and signed by at least 10% of


The adoption or rejection of a proposed amendment shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast by ballot at the club meeting.


                                                           ARTICLE XI

                                             DISTRIBUTION OF PROPERTY


1 Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more local charities for public use as determined by the Board.


April 1 2000


Amended Dec.1 2010

Amended March 1, 2013



Cef 2/22/2013






1. J (under 18 yr.) must be supervised and accompanied by a senior member to be on the range.

2. The Board members who are not officers shall serve as Range master, assistant range Master, Shoot Coordinator, and Range Coordinator.

3. Any propose changes to the By-laws must remain on the agenda for a minimum of two meetings prior to a vote.

4. Changes to the By-Laws requires approval by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the active members present.

5. Club meetings shall be held 4 X per year or as needed per Board for the purpose of conducting routine club business. Additional meetings may be held as recommended by the Board of Directors.

6. All Club monies shall be held in an account in the Club name "COSO ARCHERY CLUB". All disbursements shall be made by approval of Board of Directors (three quarters 3/4).

7. Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more local charities.  

8. MEMBER CONDUCT By accepting membership in this club, all members agree to be responsible for obeying all Club rules and policies. The Club officers, representatives, and members shall not be liable for the actions or behavior committed by the club member or quest that violates these rules and policies. These rules and policies shall also include those imposed as grounds for our range lease, insurance, and county ordinances. Violation of the following Club rules and policies shall be grounds for expulsion from the Club. (Range as noted herein shall be defined as any and all properties owned, leased, or controlled by the Club.

A.       No hunting on the range

B.       No controlled and /or illegal substances shall be used or possessed on the range at any time.

C.      No smoking on the range except in designated Areas.

D.      No overnight camping or open campfires on the range except by special permit.

E.       No broad heads shot on the range except into special broad head targets.

F.       No one except club members shall be allowed to have the combination or a key to the gate and storage shed, and each member shall be responsible to see that the gate and storage shed is locked upon entering and exiting the range. Bravo flag must be flown while shooting, and taken down when done.

G.      No glass bottles allowed on the range except in the picnic area.

H.      Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the range as per lease agreement with RGRA.


A. Membership dues will be due January1.

B. Fees will be due at the time of an event


10. Single memberships can only be issued to people 19 years or older.


Amended Dec 1 2010

Amended March 1,2013



Cef 2/22/2013