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Trivia: Regional Exclusives

Regional Exclusives

In 1997 ENESCO introduced the first regional event piece: Sylvia, a bear holding a golden frame with a picture of Theadore, Samantha, and Tyler. Regional events are special events at very few locations that include signings, Cherished Teddies themed activities, seminars, and the special event piece for the price of one ticket. The regional event piece Sylvia was also available at sculptor's tours and painter's tours. A sculptor's tour features the sculptor who signs the event piece and also gives sculpting demonstrations. A painter's tour similarly features one of the painters who signs the event piece. Sylvia was available at 18 total regional events, sculptor's tours, and painter's tours.

The 1998 regional event piece is Humphrey, a bear detective holding a magnifying glass in one hand and mystery books in the other. Like Sylvia, Humphrey was only available at regional events, painter's tours, and sculptor's tours. The total locations to get Humphrey was 15.

I was lucky enough to attend a sculptor's tour event. The sculptor was very nice and polite, even though she must have been very tired of signing all the Humphreys. Although she understood some English, she also had an interpreter to help translate her native Chinese. When she realized I wanted to take a picture with my kids, she immediately got up from the table--Humphrey in hand--to pose with my son (my older daughter was too shy). She decided to do a sculpting demo right after signing our Humphreys. My son was thrilled when she gave him some sculpty clay to soften for her! When he handed it back after quite a bit of squeezing, she commented on how nice and soft it was. Without missing a beat, my 4 year old replied that it was soft because he was strong and had strong muscles which he proceeded to flexed for her! Everyone got a kick out of that! This will definitely be a memorable event for my son and me!

The 1999 regional event piece is Tammy, a sock-hop 50's bear with poodle skirt. Unlike her predecessors, she was only available at the regional events in 1999. These events were held in the following cities: Birmingham AL (March 27), Denver CO (May 15), Baltimore MD (June 5), San Diego CA (July 24), St. Paul MN (August 14), and South Bend IN (October 23).

The 1999 Artist's tours feature a figurine called Alex, a bear with goose and sailboat. The painter signed Alex at some tour sites, while the master sculptor signed Alex at other tour sites.

The 2000 regional event piece is Norma, a bear with pajamas and her teddy bear. Norma was also only available at the regional events held in a half dozen US cities in 2000.

The 2001 regional event piece is Janice, a bear all suited up and ready to swim. Janice is only available at the regional events held in a half dozen US cities in 2001.

The 2001 Artist's tours feature a special figurine called Priscilla and Clara, which features Priscilla with her cat Clara gardening. This piece is featured at painter and master sculptor tours, along with a few very special appearances by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman.

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