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Trivia: Catalog Exclusives

Catalog Exclusives

In the US, retailers can join catalog groups and subscribe to their catalogs. These catalog groups often have special Cherished Teddies available to them to sell to retailers. Some special Cherished Teddies are syndicated and available to multiple catalog groups. Catalog exclusives are often limited to the USA.

Catalog exclusives are usually either early releases or exclusive to the catalog group or syndicate. Early releases usually are very limited in quantity and have colors different from the Cherished Teddy later available to all retailers. The Avon Exclusives are listed separately. Exclusive catalog pieces are only available through the catalog group or syndicate. Some pieces include
  • GCC (Gift Creations Concepts) 1996 piece Jessica with green stripes on her hat and a green bow on her dress (later released with pink stripes on the hat and a pink dress bow and retired in 1997)
  • Palmer Catalog 1998 piece Joseph with dark blue overalls (released in non-limited status in early 1999 with slightly lighter blue overalls and light blue dots on arm patch). The prototype (seen in the Enesco catalogs) has light blue overalls and a light red wagon, but this version was never released.
  • 1996 Fall Catalog Exclusive piece Lindsey and Lyndon Exclusive (later released different colored lace and berries on hats)
  • 1997 Spring Catalog Exclusive piece Lily Exclusive with beige teddy bear (later released with dark brown teddy bear)
  • 1997 Fall Catalog Exclusive piece Lynn with star on top of Christmas tree (later released with Angel on tree)
  • 1998 Spring Catalog Exclusive piece Veronica
  • 1998 Fall Catalog Exclusive piece Frank and Helen
  • 1998 NALED (National Associated of Limited Edition Dealers) Catalog Exclusive piece Evan
  • 1998 Parade of Gifts piece Clarence
  • 1999 Spring Catalog Exclusive piece Anita
  • 1999 NALED Catalog Exclusive piece Rita
  • 1999 GCC Spring Catalog Exclusive piece Jasmine New
  • 1999 Abbey Press Exclusive piece I Love Hugs
  • 1999 Fall Syndicated Catalog Exclusive piece Loretta
  • 1999 Catalog Exclusive piece Circle of Love
  • 2000 Abbey Press Exclusive piece Agatha
  • 2000 Abbey Press Early Release piece Trudy
  • 2000 Syndicated Catalog Exclusive piece Harvey
  • 2000 NALED Spring Catalog Exclusive piece Spring Exclusive Mini Waterball
  • 2000 Parade of Gifts Catalog Exclusive piece Frosty And Aurora Ornament
  • 2001 Spring Abbey Press Exclusive piece Esther
  • 2001 Spring Abbey Press Early Release piece Josette
  • 2001 Spring Syndicated Catalog Exclusive piece Alexis
  • 2001 Carlton Cards Exclusive Early Release piece Jo and Dee
  • 2001 Fall Syndicated Catalog Exclusive piece Audrey
  • 2001 Fall GCC Catalog Exclusive piece Zinnia
  • 2001 Winter GoCollect.Com Catalog Exclusive piece Joan Ornament
  • 2002 Spring GoCollect.Com Catalog Exclusive piece Londa
  • 2002 Spring Syndicated Catalog Exclusive piece Rebecca Exclusive
  • 2002 Spring Parkwest/NALED Catalog Exclusive piece Tatum
  • 2002 Spring Abbey Press Early Release piece Jordan
  • 2002 Winter Catalog Exclusive piece Ned
  • 2002 Winter Abbey Press Exclusive Angel On Sheep Ornament
  • Other 2001 catalog exclusives include the Abbey Press "Peace" Angel Bear ornament.

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