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Trivia: History of Nativity Pieces

History of Nativity Pieces

Josh Maria And Baby Edward Richard and Wilbur Angie Sammy

The original nativity Cherished Teddies that came out in 1992 were sold as a four piece box set: Josh, Maria and Baby; Edward, Richard and Wilbur (three kings); Angie (angel); and Sammy (shepard). Some of the first Angies were made with a metal halo that was converted to a resin halo during the first year of production. The creche (stable) with quilt coverlet was sold separately without a serial number.

The nativity pieces were repackaged in 1993 as a gift pack that included Josh, Maria and Baby; Angie; and the creche with coverlet. In 1993 Hamilton Gifts also introduced the camel, donkey and sheep nativity pull toys without serial numbers. In later years these pieces were found in ENESCO boxes.

A third nativity pull toy came out in 1994: a cow that included a registration number. The little drummer bear, Ronnie, also came out this year. The final piece to the nativity set came out in 1995 as Celeste, an angel with a pull toy. The camel and cow were retired early in 1997, and the rest of the pieces were retired in early 2001.
Sheep and Donkey

Just as the entire nativity set was retired in 2001, Enesco released two new pieces that fit into the nativity theme: Eve (angel with baby) and Ethan (drummer boy).

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