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Trivia: International Exclusives

International Exclusives

Bertie Duncan Gordon Sherlock
The UK Bears consist of four bears that were only sold in the UK and Canada. Bertie, Duncan, Gordon, and Sherlock are bears that represent the many facets of the UK. Duncan comes complete with kilt and bagpipes; Gordon protects the queen; Sherlock comes from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. This quartet first came out in 1995. Due to easy breakage, Duncan's bagpipes were remolded for later versions.

   Cameron: The Canadian Exclusive Cameron was supposed to be released in the fall of 1998, but various problems resulted in a release in February 1999. The very first batch of Camerons contain an spelling error on the bottom with "Canadian" misspelled as "Candian". Cameron was retired at the end of 1999.

Cameron was named after an Enesco Canadian Distributor. This figurine contains a hiker who comes across a beaver building a dam. This piece has considerable detail not easily seen in pictures, including a stream behind the beaver and flowers representing the ten provincial provinces of Canada. Starting with the flower in the back and going clockwise, these flowers include:

  • Pink Mayflower -- Nova Scotia
  • Dogwood -- British Columbia
  • Pitchard Plant -- Newfoundland
  • Wild Rose -- Alberta
  • Purple Violet -- New Brunswick
  • Lady's Slipper -- Prince Edward Island
  • White Tirvium -- Ontario
  • Orange-red Lily "Prairie Lily" -- Saskatchewan
  • White garden Lily -- Quebec
  • Prairie Crocus -- Manitoba
  •    Donna: The UK/European Exclusive Donna was the first of many International Exclusive pieces with a scheduled 1999 release date. Unlike the UK Bears and Cameron, Donna was released in limited form. She is a sailor girl with the saying You've Sailed Straight Into My Heart.

       Teaghan: Another 1999 piece is the limited Australian Exclusive Teaghan, who is a school girl with the saying A Big Step To Start You On Your Way.

       Felix: The limited German Exclusive Felix is a chimney sweep with the saying Der Glucksbringer, which loosely translated means "the luck bringer". Felix was the German design-your-own contest winner.

       Lotje: The Netherlands Exclusive Lotje is a girl riding a bike with a picnic basket. This piece is the 1999 Netherlands design-your-own contest winner.

       Tanner: Released at the end of 1999, Tanner is the second Canadian exclusive and features a boy with tractor and dog. Tanner's saying is Friends Old are Dear to Hold.

    The UK Reward Bears Benjamin, Kendra, and Jane were also released in 1999 for European club members as reward bears for spending money on Cherished Teddies. These bears were also reward bears for Australian club members in the year 2000.
    Benjamin Kendra Jane

       Bobby: The UK exclusive policeman Bobby has the saying A Good Friendship Is Always Worth Protecting. This piece is the first international exclusive to be released in the year 2000, although serial numbers reflect production of the piece in 1999.

       Carla: This European exclusive special event figurine was available at events throughout Europe in 2000.

       Amy NSPCC: European exclusive released in 2000. All profits benefit the NSPCC charity.

       Yukon: The Canadian Exclusive Inspector Yukon has the saying I will always keep you safe and protected.

       Mackenzie: The Canadian Exclusive Constable Mackenzie has the saying I'd Stand Watch For You Morning, Noon And Night.

       Twentyfirst Birthday: The European Exclusive birthday piece TwentyFirst Birthday was released in Europe in 2000. Enesco US decided not to release this piece in the United States.

       Pauline: The Canadian Exclusive wash woman Pauline has the saying A woman's work is never done. This piece is the Canadian design-your-own contest winner.

       Otto: The German Exclusive butcher Otto has the saying We've Cooked Up A Great Friendship.

       Jan: The European Exclusive Dutch boy Jan has the saying Like The Winds That Blow The Mills, Our Friendship Is Forever.

       Zenzi: The European Exclusive German girl Zenzi has the saying Serving Up The Best Just For You. Zenzi is serving beer and wine for the German world-famous Oktoberfest.

       Bronwyn: The European Exclusive Welsh girl Bronwyn has the saying The Land Of My Fathers Is Dear To Me.

       KingHenry: The European Exclusive King Henry has the saying Your Love Has Invaded This Royal Heart.

       Winthrop: The European Exclusive Winthrop has the saying Your Love Has Marched Straight To My Heart.

       Mackenzie Ornament: Canada also has an exclusive ornament of Constable Mackenzie, which also has the saying I'd Stand Watch For You Morning, Noon And Night. Like the figurine, this piece was also released in 2001.

       Bridget: Released in 2002, the Canadian girl feeding geese has the saying Cherish All Of Life's Friends.

       Olaf: 2003 European Exclusive Halloween piece Olaf the Viking has the saying Sailing the High Seas Is Easier With A Friend Like You.

       Josh: 2003 European Exclusive Josh the saxophone player has the saying I've written a special note for you.

       Andrew: 2003 European Exclusive Andrew features a Dad getting bear hugs.

       JimUK: 2003 European Exclusive Jim, named for noted British writer and veterinarian James Herriot, has the saying Helping Others Is the Best Job In The World.

       Chloe: 2003 European Exclusive Chloe features a girl in a telephone booth in the rain and the saying Rain Or Shine, You Can Call Me Anytime.

       Irma: 2003 European Exclusive Irma features a girl making a snowman.

       Georgia: 2003 European Exclusive Georgia features a girl playing in the snow.

       Joel Canada: 2003 Canadian Exclusive patriotic boy with the saying Wear Your Country's Colors With Pride. A US version has the US flag.

       Jana Canada: 2003 Canadian Exclusive patriotic girl with the saying Loyalty and Friendship Go Hand In Hand. A US version has the US flag.

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