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Trivia: Glenn Hillman

Glenn Hillman

Glenn Hillman

Most people are probably not aware that Priscilla Hillman's son Glenn has been designing some Cherished Teddies since the late 1990s! He started by drawing the props and plane for Lance and helped designed Jerry (sand bear with floatie), Roy and Sierra (cowboy & cowgirl), and his namesake piece Glenn (limited edition sea bear).
Lance Roy and Sierra Glenn

Born in 1969, Glenn is the only child of Priscilla and Norman Hillman. While he has always been in the background helping with Cherished Teddies since their creation, he originally wanted to be an architect. Due to the difficulty finding architecture jobs during the recession, Glenn started exploring art with his mother's encouragement. He shares his mother's talent and found that he enjoys creating figurines. He currently plans to continue working with his mother to create Cherished Teddies.

Glenn also likes gardening, and he designed the family garden and worked on the restoration of the family's 18th Century home. His favorite books are about architecture, art, gardening, American history and antiques. In his own time he enjoys doing botanical illustrations, still life and landscape paintings.

Glenn designed the very popular "Teddies in Motion" series which features Chad, Dave, Dustin and Austin, Ken, Roger, Andre, Warren, Bert, and Howard. The first five bears of this series are no longer in production.
Chad Dustin and Austin Dave Ken Roger

Glenn designed the Radio Flier pieces Spanky and Vernon and Eva, the Halloween pieces Cassandra and Sullivan, Lifetime Memories Billie and Our Journey Has Just Begin.
Spanky Vernon and Eva Cassandra Sullivan Billie

Other pieces Glenn designed are Calvin (boy with yo-yo), Chuck (John Deere tractor piece), Darren (bear with stocking), Dewey (Coca-Cola piece), Paul Revere, and Ralph (boy with deer). Glenn also designed the popular Abraham piece, and he received special recognition for this piece by winning a TOBY (teddy bear of the year) award in 2001. Congratulations, Glenn!
Chuck Darren Dewey Paul Revere Abraham

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