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Trivia: Chelsea and Daisy

Chelsea and Daisy

Because so few of these pieces were created, Daisy and her counterpart Chelsea have become prize possessions. These pieces were only produced in 1992 and 1993 before being suspended and then finally retired. Since Cherished Teddies have become even more popular since that time, it probably isn't surprising that Enesco decided to modify these pieces and release a special Chelsea and Daisy Reunion piece. This event occurred on April 17th 1999, and the reunion piece was immediately retired.

The mold used to make Cherished Teddies is very flimsy and made from a flexible material that allows details to show on the piece. When a piece is retired, the mold is cut in half with scissors so that it cannot be used again. The molds for the individual pieces were cut years ago, and the mold for the reunion piece was recently cut at the Long Beach Expo by Priscilla Hillman herself.

The following pictures illustrate some of the differences between the original pieces and the modified reunion piece.
Chelsea and Daisy Chelsea and Daisy Back
Chelsea Daisy
Chelsea and Daisy - Daisy's Hat Daisy's Hat
Chelsea and Daisy - Chelsea Chelsea
Chelsea and Daisy - Daisy's Back Daisy's Back

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