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Trivia: Collectibles Exposition Exclusives

Collectibles Exposition Exclusives

Collectibles Expos are a way for people with a common interest in collecting to meet. Collectibles Expos are know for showing future releases of pieces, allowing people to get pieces signed by their favorite artist, and allowing people to swap and sell pieces with fellow collectors.

Three Cherished Teddies have been available at expos:

  • Priscilla Ann (Priscilla Hillman's name piece with the bear artist holding a palette of paint colors) was available during collectibles expos in 1994 and 1995
  • The Company We Keep Is A Reflection Of Ourselves (also known as Wesley, Philip, Fiona, and Renee) was available only at the 1999 Rosemont and Long Beach expos and is limited to 10,000 total pieces.
  • Alisa and Anthony (king and queen) was only available at the Rosemont Expo in 2002 and is limited to 3000 pieces.

    Priscilla Ann Company We Keep Alisa and Anthony

    At the Long Beach Expo in 1999 Enesco celebrated 40 years, and Priscilla Hillman was honored with the 1999 International Collectible Artist Award! This award is given to an artist who has devoted his or her talent to furthering the collectibles industry, including insuring that the final product produced from their artwork is high quality and interacting with collectors. Enesco founder Eugene Freedman, along with other important people from Enesco were also at the expo.

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