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Trivia: Avon Exclusives

Avon Exclusives

   Janet: The Avon Exclusive Janet came out in the late 1997/early 1998 timeframe and is the first Avon Cherished Teddy ever released. Reminiscent of Daisy, Janet is a bear with hat and has the saying You're Sweet As A Rose. While the prototype has blue and red flowers on top of her hat, Janet was released with white and red flowers.

   Margy: Avon's first Christmas Cherished Teddy, Margy, came out as a Christmas exclusive in 1998. Her saying is I'm Wrapping a Little Holiday Joy To Send Your Way.
Ava Beanie
Ava: Since Avon has been selling cosmetic and related products for decades, it was only appropriate to have Ava, a bear with perfume who is all dressed up and ready to go! Ava came out in 1999, and her saying is YOU Make Me Beautiful Inside. Avon also has an Ava beanie with a pink heart and ribbon and the words "Ava" on her chest.

   Avon Graduate: The Avon Graduate came out just in time for school graduation in 1999 with the saying Put Your Best Paw Forward.

   Jerome: Less than 3 inches tall, Jerome is the tiniest Avon CT figurine, and the 2nd Avon Christmas figurine. He has ice skates, and his saying is Can't Bear the Cold Without You.

   Cookie Beanie: Also released in time for Christmas 1999 is Cookie, an Avon beanie with a red sweater and a little gingerbread man.

   Millennium Bear: The first Avon exclusive bear for the year 2000 was the Millennium Bear. Like Jerome, this bear is smaller than most Cherished Teddies.
Girl First Communion
Boy First Communion
First Communion: To commemorate first communion, the Avon First Communion Girl and First Communion Boy were released in early 2000.

   Adelaide: Avon's first Halloween Cherished Teddy is Adelaide, who was released in time for Halloween 2000.

Also in 2000, Enesco released the Avon exclusive miniature monthly carousel bears, one for each month of the year.
January Carousel February Carousel March Carousel April Carousel
May Carousel June Carousel July Carousel August Carousel
September Carousel October Carousel November Carousel December Carousel

   Tom Scarecrow: Avon's second Halloween Cherished Teddy, Tom Scarecrow, came out in 2001. His saying is Your Smile Is A Treat.
   Paula: Avon's first business Cherished Teddy, medical helper Paula, came out in 2001. Her saying is Helping Others Is The Best Part of My Job.
   Katherine: Avon business woman Cherished Teddy Katherine also came out in 2001. Her saying is You're The Best In the Business.
   Gregory: Patriotic Cherished Teddy Gregory came out in 2002. His saying is From Sea To Shining Sea, You Are The One For Me.
   Leslie: Avon's 2003 Halloween Cherished Teddy is Leslie. Her saying is Friendship Pops Up Everywhere.

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