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After John Searles started mining borax in Searles Valley in 1873, Trona became an important stop on the way to the gold and silver
mines in the Argus, Slate and Panamint Mountain Ranges.  The miners of this era were colorful, to say the least.  This room has rare
photographs of many of the early propectors and miners.

Almost nothing remains of the magnesium monorail today, including very little in museums.  The Old Guest House Museum is
fortunate to have a limited amount of information and artifacts from this short-lived {4 year} venture.

Searles Valley was also home to a few indians.  A few local indian artifacts are on display.
Rare photographs of such desert characters as Shorty Harris, Ed "Pop" Teagle, Indian George Hanson, Ed "Seldom Seen Slim" Ferge, Pete Aguereberry, Carl Mengle, Chris Wicht, and others are on display.
The Magnesium Monorail line began on the southwest shore of Searles Lake, went straight east to cross the Slate Range at Layton Pass, and then went on to an epsom salt depost in the southern end of the Panamint Mountains.
The picture to the left shows passengers on the monorail train, a spike used to anchor the rail, and a piece of the rail. 

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