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 Our Purpose
The Searles Valley Historical Society was founded in 1979 as a non-profit corporation. Its primary purpose is to bring together people interested in history, especially in the history of Searles Valley and the surrounding regions from the Argus Range to Death Valley. The Searles Valley Historical Society also strives to preserve the history of Searles Valley and surrounding regions for future generations.  The society has several activities to achieve these goals, including our Old Guest House Museum, the Searles Valley History House, the Trona Railway Museum and the Trona Railway Caboose, and this internet web site. 

The Searles Valley Historical Society also maintains the Old Guest House Museum as an "historical research facility."  Historical records are retained by the museum for legitimate onsite historical research. The archive records available can be found through the following link  ArchivesSitemap.html

How do I join the Searles Valley Historical Society?

New members are always welcome. Dues are 
     Per family per year - $20.00
     Life membership - $250.00. 
     Businesses and Organizations - $30.00 per year

To join, contact the Historical at the address given below, or telephone or e-mail us with your membership request.

 Our Future
The museum will continue to acquire historical information and artifacts that relate to Searles Valley and the surrounding regions from the Argus Range to Death Valley. Future projects include putting more of the historical records, including written documents and photographs, onto electronic storage media with indexing for more rapid access. 
If you are requesting to do filming/photographic projects on SVHS-owned properties and/or get photo copies of SVHS materials, you will be required to complete and submit the form(s) listed under "Photo - Film Agreement 2018" or the "Request For Copies 2018" in the THIS AND THAT section of the Master Site.  You can also find the "Request For Research 2018" in the same location.


President                                          Bonnie Fairchild
Vice President                                  Cathy Heseman
Secretary                                          Debby Celaya
Treasurer                                          Sharon Hartley

Board of Directors                                                      
Dawn McMillan                                Jim Fairchild
Bill Gossett                                       Russ Kaldenberg
RoseAnn Austin                              

History House &Museum Curator   Margaret Brush
Membership & In Memorium          Sharon Hartley
Newsletter                                        Dick & Cindy Sims
Webmaster                                       Barbara Gossett
Programs                                          Bonnie Fairchild
Sunshine                                          June Sayre
Fundraising                                     Debbie Celaya/Dawn McMillan
Docent Coordinator                        Ann Epperly

Ann Epperly                                      Cathy Heseman
Torry McLean                                   Mary Crandall
Dawn McMillan                                 Margaret Brush




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