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The Old Guest House Museum has the most complete document record of the history of Searles Valley and
Panamint Valley region that exists today.  While other museum may contain part of the records, our museum,
which is located in the heart of the area, is the most complete.
There are 11 file cabinets with 49 draws, all full of rare information about Searles Valley, Panamint Valley and Death Valley.
In addition to filing cabinets full of documents, we have a closet that contains an immense number of photographs.  Many of these go back to the days of the Hornsey Plant and the very early Trona Plant.
The museum retains a copy of every school book annual for Trona High School since the high school first opened.
There is also a nearly complete file of "Desert" magazines.  The files also contain most of the various newspapers that have been published in Trona, including the Trona Potash and the Trona Argonaut.

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