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Brine for Washing Crystals

1.  Brine is used to wash mud off the surface of your specimens. This means that it is mostly used to wash specimens from the Mud Field Trip.
2.  It is doubtful that you will need brine to wash specimens from the Blow Hole Field Trip although a few are known to be muddy.
3.  You will not normally need to wash brine from your pink halite specimens, unless you get them muddy while pulling them out of a brine pool.
4.  For complete directions on how to take care of your specimens, see our Webpage via this link:  Taking Care of Your Specimens.

Full bottles of brine can be purchased at the SLG&MS General Store in the Show Building

We will also be selling brine "You Fill" during the Mud Field Trip. You can buy a bottle from the SLG&MS or Bring Your Own Bottle.
There will be 10 filling spigots so we expect only a short wait to fill your bottles.

IMPORTANT: Rules for Using Your Own Bottle
     You will not be allowed to fill bottles with labels - ALL labels must be removed or made illegible
     The SLG&MS will provide a label that identifies the contents as Searles Dry Lake Brine
     Screw top only, NO pop tops, to keep lids from accidentially popping off
     Plastic milk cartons are OK for use during the show (the SLG&MS will be selling mostly milk cartons)
     Plastic milk cartons are NOT good for long term storage since they weaken and leak during extended storage

Prices for Bottles of Brine
Size of Bottle
Pre-filled in General Store
SLG&MS Bottle, You Fill
During Mud Field Trip
Your Bottle and All Refills, You Fill
During Mud Field Trip
4-liter & 1-gallon
3-liter & 3-quart

2 liter & 2-quart $1.00

Other containers
Not available
$1.00 per gallon $0.50 per gallon

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