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Pink Halite - Friday Field Trip

Pink Halite Ė Dealer Special Friday Field Trip

In 2018 the Dealer Special Field Trip is on the Friday afternoon of show weekend, October 12.  This will be especially for those who want to collect lots of pink halite.  If you donít want a lot, this is not for you because it will cost a minimum of $150 for a single participant.  But if you need a lot to resell, then this will be your best chance to LOAD UP.

     This field trip will be again on Friday afternoon, 2:00 to 6:30PM (it will be dark
     by 6:30).  While everyone is welcome to participate, we believe that only dealers
     that hope to profit from our pink halite can afford the cost of this field trip.  
     We will continue the cost structure that we had in 2017 - $150 for car and driver
      + $50 for each additional person.  Accordingly, the cost will be $100.00 for each
     vehicle and $50.00 for every person in that vehicle.  So a car with only the driver
     will be $150 while a car with 4 collectors will cost $300.  

    This year we require reservations for the Friday field trip.
    (Reservations are not required for any other field trips)
     Reservations will close at 8:00PM, Sunday, October 7
    No limit on number of cars allowed on field trip

     Registration gives the SVM heavy equipment operators enough time to prepare
     a place for all participants to park relatively close to the collecting area.  

     Provide the following: your name, number of cars, number of people and phone number
     You will pay when you sign in with your
signed liability waiver on Friday, Oct. 12

1.       The field trip will last from 2:00 PM (departure from building) until 6:30 PM (dark).

2.       The field trip will accomodate as many vehicles and collectors as want to attend.

3.       With fewer vehicles, you will be able to get to the collecting area quicker than on the Sunday field trip.

4.       We will travel to and return from the collecting area as a group (no late arrival, no early departure).

5.       The field trip will go to where we know there will be an abundant quantity of superior quantity salt to dig.

6.       You should be able to park reasonably close to good collecting site although you may still have to haul 50 yards.

7.       The cost is both per vehicle and per person collecting. $100 for the vehicle and $50 per person; driver is one of the persons.

8.       Your guides will be Jade Brush, SVM Geologist and Jim Fairchild SVM Principal Engineer.

9.       We have scouted collecting areas and we will take you to the best site.

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