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Pictures From Past Shows

For the first time in 2001, we had collectors on the mud field trip actually create something from the mud - MUD MAN.  Below is what one collector, working by himself, was able to collect during the 4 1/2 field trip in 2012.  While he collected more than anyone else, it does show that pink halite was plentiful that year. 
One collectors haul of pink halite
This is part of the field of crystals that awaited the arrival of collectors on the blow hole field trip.  There was more and better material available in 2004 than at any time in the show's history.

Now, it this a happy mud mineral collector, or what?  For the last 4 years the technicians have been able to dig mud from an area with especially good specimens.

There were many, very large specimens of pink halite found each year, all with good color and large halite crystals.  This piece is even in the shape of a bear . Note that it was carried on a stretcher, and they used two long bars to chop it loose.
This is a beautiful pink halite specimen collected by Mesa Community College. They plan to sell this and the other pink halite they collected during our show to pay for all of their college field trips for the year. Mesa also uses the Hanksite collected at our show in a K-6 outreach program in geology.
Repeat visitors are getting more inventive every year on ways to move their pink halite specimens to their cars or pickups.  This shows a litter/cart that one collector and his friend were using. We continue to attract dealers that have beautiful items to sell at our gem show.  This shows some of the variety of minerals that are available.

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