Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society

 Club Officers

President, Gem-O-Rama Chairperson Bonnie Fairchild Bonnie has been president for 9 years and spent over 17 years learning how to put on a really GREAT gem show.
Vice President Bob Klein Bob is one of our top recruiters for new members.  He also helps maintain our facilities.
Secretary Sharon Hartley Sharon brings experience in handling recordkeeping in a volunteer organization.
Treasurer Gail Moulton Gail is an outstanding steward of the clubs funds - more of a comptroller than treasurer.  He is a retired geologist who worked for SVMC. 
Lapidary Chairman Bill Gossett Bill is an avid collector and lapidary worker.  He also is a highly skilled mechanic that can repair our equipment as necessary.  Bill also owns and operates the Honey Onyx mine in Panamint Valley.
Publicity/Bulletin Jim Fairchild Jim is a chemical engineer and chemist working for SVMC. In addition to the bulletin and show publicity, he has also put together this web page.
Director Mike Bithell Mike is a mining engineer working for SVMC.  He is a key person in arranging for the mud and blow hole field trips for Gem-O-Rama.
Director Rose Ann Austin Rose Ann is Bonnie's right arm and willingly picks up much of what Bonnie doesn't have time to do.
Director Gail Austin Gail is an avid lapidaryist who knows all of the skills. He is also a mechanic and has built his own lapidary machines including excellent sphere grinding machines.
Director Bobby Amerson Bobby has a variety lapidary and other skills and has a high level of enthusiasm.  He is also an excellent mechanic and can make parts for our lapidary machines.
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