Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society

 Club Officers

President, Gem-O-Rama Chairperson Bonnie Fairchild Bonnie has been president for 30 years and spent over 40 years learning how to put on a really GREAT gem show.
Vice President Jade Zimmerman Jade is the grand daughter of  the founder of the SLG&MS. She is also skilled in the lapidary art and teaches the skills to new members.
Secretary Marilyn McKee Mariyn is a Troa native with a long standing iterest in the SLG&MS
Treasurer Rose Ann Austin Rose Ann is an outstanding steward of the clubs funds
Lapidary Chairman Bill McKee Bill is a Trona native, an avid rock collector and skilled lapidary worker.  
Publicity/Bulletin Jim Fairchild Jim is a chemical engineer and chemist working for SVMC. In addition to the bulletin and show publicity, he has also put together this web page.
Director Connie Hale
Connie is a strong supporter of the Trona community
Director Kirk Heseman Kirk is Trona native, an avid rock collector and desert hiker..
Director Gail Austin Gail is an avid lapidaryist who knows all of the skills. He is also a mechanic and has built his own lapidary machines including excellent sphere grinding machines.
Director George Hamlett
George is a Trona native, rock collector and  sklled in the lapidary arts. George is also an instructor in our lapidary.
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Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society

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