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Other Show Activities and Dealers

While the field trips are always a lot of fun and a big part of the show, there are many other things to do at the Gem-O-Rama show building while it is open (Sat. 7:30am-5pm and Sun. 7:30am-4pm). Don't miss out on anything; see if you can participate in them all.  Parking and show entry  are both FREE!

There are pink halite sales in the club's General Store where you can purchase a  specimen of the beautiful Searles Lake pink halite .

There are 21 dealers that have been carefully selected to provide a wide variety of materials and products, and who are anxious to talk with you about their products.  See who our dealers are and what they have by clicking on  Dealers .

There are 50 exhibits showing the products of many people skilled in the lapidary arts, rare minerals, fossils, and many other hobbies of Trona residents.  And there is our unique 400 pound pink halite bowl, a pink halite bucket, and our huge specimen of pink halite with especially large crystals.

There are demonstrations where you can learn how to make a polished rock sphere.

Guaranteed hollow geode are sold at the show with free cutting. You select the geode and we will cut it in half for you, and even put a small flat on one side so it will stand up as a display.

When you get hungry, there is the "Grub Portal" out in front for snacks, etc., and for a more ambitious meal there is a catered cafeteria inside serving full lunches both days and complete dinners Friday and Saturday nights.

And there are prizes.  There are FREE hourly door prizes where you only have to register at the show entrance to have a chance to win.  There is also a Grand Prize drawing where the purchase of tickets at $1 each gives you a chance to win valuable prizes (shown at the show) and ALL profits from the drawing will go to support a college scholarship for a graduate from a Trona school.

There is a video and lecture room where all day we will show the video "Gem-O-Rama Field Trips to Searles Dry Lake". This video shows the whole story of all of the lake field trip including dramatic video of the blasting of the wells for the blow hole field trip.

We haven't forgotton the kids.  We have a gem dig where they have a chance to "mine" beautiful polished stones.  There are also games for the kids.

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