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Pink Halite - Dealer Field Trip
Saturday October 14, 9:00 to 2:30  and Sunday October 15, 9:00 to 2:30
This field trip is expensive and is primarily being offered for dealers who expect to sell what they collect for a profit.
People looking for just a few specimens are better off buying them from a dealer.

Pink Halite Dealer Special Friday Field Trip



By requiring reservations, we can give Searles Valley Minerals Inc an accurate count of the number of vehicles that must be accommodated on the Friday field trip.  By having the October 1 cutoff date, we can provide Searles Valley Minerals with the time neded to prepare vehicle access and parking at the collecting sites.  10 work days is the minimum time needed for them to fit the work for this field trip into their normal work schedules.

     The first field trip will begin on Saturday morning, 9:00AM until to 2:30PM. 

     The second field trip will begin on Sunday morning, 9:00AM until to 2:30PM.

     While everyone is welcome to participate, we believe that only dealers
     that hope to profit from our pink halite can afford the cost of this field trip.       

     We have the same cost structure in 2023 including the additional hour of collecting time.  

     The cost will be $125.00 for each vehicle and each trailer (driver not included in the $125.00)

     The cost for everyone entering the collecting site is $75.00.  So a car with only the driver
     will be $200 while a car with 4 collectors will cost $425.  

    We require reservations for the Dealer Pink Halite field trips. 
     Reservations will close at 8:00PM PDT, October 1
    At this time there is a limit of 50 vehicles allowed on each field trip

     Both motor vehicles and trailers count toward the 50 vehicle limit.


     Preregistration can be done by email  to:       

We are now accepting reservations for the Dealer Pink Halite  field trips on Oct. 14 and 15, 2023.

All reservations must be done using the Vehicle and Individual Registration forms: 

Be aware that your reservation will be only preliminary until the full fee for the field trip has been paid to the Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society.  To confirm and hold your reservation, we must receive your full payment for the field trip no later than October 1, 2023. If we have not received your full payment by October 1, your reservation will be cancelled.  

Reservation will continue to be accepted by US mail until Oct. 1 but only if accompanied by payment in full for the field trip.  Closing  reservations 14 days before the field trip allows time for  SVM Technicians to construct access to difficult collecting sites should this be necessary.

Cost schedule for field trip:
Each person (including all drivers of vehicles and their helpers) - $75 each person
Each vehicle that carries halite specimens (motorized or towed) -  $125 each vehicle (driver not included in vehicle price)

A full 100% refund will be given if the SLG&MS receives notice of cancellation no later than Oct. 1, 2023. A 50% refund will be given if the SLG&MS receives notice of cancellation no later than Oct. 8, 2023. After Oct. 8, 2023, no refunds will be given.  All notifications of cancellation must be by email or by US postal service. 

P.O. Box 966
Trona, CA 93592-0966

 Your signed liability waivers must be received by the SLGMS by October 1 to enter Searles Lake

1.       The field trip will last from 9:00 AM (departure from SLG&MS building) until 2:30 PM (begin departure from collecting area)

3.       With fewer vehicles, you will be able to get to the collecting area quicker on the Sunday field trip.

4.       We will travel to and return from the collecting area as a group (no late arrival, no early departure).

5.       The field trip will go to where we know there will be an abundant quantity of the best quantity halite available.

6.       You should be able to park reasonably close to good collecting site although you may still have to haul 50 yards or more.

7.       There is a $125 cost for both  motor vehicles and trailers. For everyne going to the collecting area, there is a charge of $75 per person. Driver is not included in vehicle cost.

8.     Each vehicle that you put salt into to haul salt off the lake (i.e., each car, van, truck or trailer) will count as one vehicle.

9.       Your SVM guides will be Jim Fairchild, SVM Principal Scientist, and other SLG&MS members and SVM employees.

10.       We have scouted all collecting areas so you will go to the best site. But salt differs yearly so the salt this year is different than last year.

11.     Some dealers have learned that large fruit flats are strong and have slots and matching tabs that allow easy stacking 4 to 6 boxes high.

12.     Pink halite is VERY fragile until it has comcpletely dried.  If shipped wet using commercial carriers, it will likely be destroyed.

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