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Blow Hole Field Trip
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On the Blow Hole field trip you will find: Pyramidal Hanksite (very common -- all over the place), Borax (also very common), Cubic Halite (common), Sulfohalite (not too easy to spot at first, but it's there)

Following are photographs of some of these minerals.

The dark green "pancake" hanksite (from the mud) is surrounded by bright yellow pyramidal hanksite crystals. The large cluster is about six inches across and the small yellow babies average about an inch.

Here's a nice selection of pyramidal hanksite from the Blow Holes.

This pyramidal hanksite is approximately four inches long, but they occasionally go up to six inches.

A very nice medium-yellow pyramidal hanksite crystal about four inches long, with an intergrown crystal about two inches in length. Intergrowths are common.

Another nice group of pyramidal hanksite crystals. Largest is about four inches long.

Three specimens of borax from the Blow Holes. The largest is about three inches long, and even larger crystals are fairly common.

Sulfohalite is hard to spot at first since only ~0.1% of the crystals are sulfohalite, but with practice you'll pick out several before the trip is over. In the center of this specimen is about 1/4 inch sulfohalite crystal - matrix is massive trona.

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