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 February 2002

On Thursday, February 21, the Historical Society will join us at the Lapidary and Show Building at 7:00pm
for our monthly General Meeting.  We will start with our usual conversation with friends and prize drawing.
Then at 7:30 Warren McGowan will present a one-hour slide show on the role that the Trona Railway has played
in the history of Searles Valley and the development of mineral extraction.  This includes pictures of the
construction of the rail line, the early rolling stock, and what the Trona Railroad is doing today to acquire
their own locomotives.

It is that time of year again when you have the distinct privilege of maintaining you membership in the SLG&MS
for another year.  Where else can you work so hard for weeks before our gem show, and then culminate it with
14-hour days on the show weekend, and all of this without pay.  But where else can you get as much satisfaction
from making so many people happy because of what you did to help  them during the gem show.  And we do have very
good lapidary facilities where you can spend many hours making beautiful items from rocks.

Membership dues are $8 per person or $14 per family.

The dates for the 2002 show have been set and are already published on our web page - October 12-13, 2002.
Now is a good time to get started doing what can be done months in advance.

Your editor haves started developing yet another new video showing what goes on at the show.  This will include
new footage and still taken for and during the 2001 show.

Every year we sell out of 2-liter bottles of brine near the end of the Gem-O-Rama.  This year's show was no
exception with all 595 bottles of brine gone by mid-day Sunday.  What we really need is about 700 empty 2-liter
bottles for next year's show.  PLEASE, WASH, DRY, REMOVE THE LABLES AND LEAVE THE CAPS ON TIGHT.  Doing this
preparation would be a big help to the crew that fills the bottles; the heat of the summer in the building bakes
the labels on tight and dries any contents to thick goo.

Is anyone interested in building a SLG&MS float for the annual Trona Spring Fling scheduled for March 23?
If so, contact Bonnie at 372-5356 and she can arrange a committee to help you with your plans and construction.

Now is a good time to make those special Christmas gifts for friends and/or relatives.  To schedule a time to
work in the lapidary, call:
Gail Moulton  372-5609
Gail Austin  372-5054
Bob Klein  372-4522

President Bonnie Fairchild
Vice President Bob Klein
Secretary Betty Jo Dill
Treasurer Gail Moulton
Publicity Jim Fairchild
Lap Hut Chair Mike Bithell
Gail Austin Bobby Amerson
Red Valantine RoseAnn Austin

Indio, CA thru Feb. 24, San Gorgonio M&GS, @ National Date Festival on Fairgrounds

Arcadia, CA, Mar. 2-3, Monrovia Rockhounds, L.A. County Arboretum, 301 N. Baldwin Ave.

Ventrua, CA, Mar. 2-3, Ventura G&MS, Seaside Park, 10 W. Harbor Blvd.

Boron, CA, Mar. 23-24, Mojave Mineralogical Soc., Boron High School

Lancaster, CA, April 27-28, Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, 155 E. Avenue I

Santa Cruz, CA, SantaCruz M&GS, Civic Auditorium, Corner Center & Church Streets

Searles Lake Gem and Mineral Society
P. O. Box 966
Trona, CA 93592-0966
Phone (760) 372-5356
FAX (760) 372-4799

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