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Show Camping at
Valley Wells Recreation Area

The SLG&MS invites you to camp at the Valley Wells Recreation Area of Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. while attending the Gem-O-Rama.  Although it is dry camping, there are restroom and portable toilets, fresh water at 3 faucets, an outdoor shower to wash the salt and mud off after field trips, and a trash receptacle.  There are also tennis courts.  And you will be camping with several hundred other enthusiastic mineral collectors.  All this for  just $8 per night. Registration will either be as you drive in or someone will stop by your camp.

Valley Wells is located about 5.3 miles north of the show building.  Follow the "Show Camping" signs north on the main road (this road continues on to Death Valley) until you see a sign pointing down a paved road to the right (east).  Turn at this corner and drive the last 1/4 mile to Valley Wells. During the day, Valley Wells is noticable because of the large collection of trees at the site, the only trees in the area.  At night, you will see the large collection of yellow, sodium vapor lights.

We are guests of SV Minerals, on their property.  One condition of our use is that their property is not damaged.  Accordingly, we ask you to follow these rules.
1.   Fee camp area includes all sites inside and outside fence - it is all SVMC property.
2.   No ground fires (there are buried plastic water lines and high voltage power lines).
      Above ground fires are OK (in Bar-B-Ques or other metal containers elevated above
      the ground.  We also rent split 55 gallon steel drums for $5/night for fires.
3.   No vandalism - group leaders will be held responsible for correcting all damage done
      by members of their group.
4.   No pets inside fenced area (pets are welcome outside of fence on south side).
5.   Stay out of the fenced dry reservoir area.  There are several hazards inside and we
      want you safe.
6.   Use trash containers provided - please leave a clean camp.  Please put waste salt into
      dumpsters, not in the trash barrels (the salt makes the barrels to heavy to dump by
      by hand).
7.   Keep toilet areas clean - since we are unable to clean after every use, please do your
      part to keep toilets clean. And please don't put paper towels  in the toilets.
8.   Shower - an outdoor shower (unheated) is available at south-west corner of reservoir.
9.   Curfew - please be quiet after 10:00 pm (respect your camping neighbors).
10. Let us know of problems - see our camp host or a SLG&MS member at the show.
      We all want you to have a good time camping.

 The diagram below shows where things are located at Valley Wells.

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