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For a lot of people, a beautiful white smile can be achieved in a matter of a few weeks instead of years. How is this possible? This can be done through a conservative technique that reshapes the teeth and fits them with porcelain laminates that are metal-free, and look and feel like the real thing. Many people can now improve their smiles without the necessity of braces. These natural looking restorations can create the perfect smile that may be desired by many...instantly!

Dr. Dale Christenson, has recently completed post-graduate training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies in Nevada. Dr. Christenson completed the Advanced Functional Aesthetics, Comprehensive Aesthetic Reconstruction, and Full Mouth Reconstructions programs under the world-renowned Dr. William Dickerson, Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. While at the Institute, Dr. Christenson underwent intensive training including completing cases on live patients under the direction of the teachers.

Dr. Christenson is one of the few dentists from the area that has completed a program that teaches these skills. Dr. Christenson's commitment to excellence is emphasized by undergoing this training to provide patients with only the best restorations and care possible. By undergoing this training, Dr. Christenson has achieved the clinical ability that few dentists in the country are even aware exist. For more information, call LVI at (888) 584-3237 or Dr. Christenson at (760) 446-7480.

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