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Errors: Mold Changes

Mold Changes

Mold Errors: Because of the strict controls within the Enesco factory, mold errors are very rare but not impossible. Usually mold errors are caught at the factory and the piece is never released to the general public. I happened to receive a Priscilla Ann that had never been unwrapped that had a mold error at the end of the paint brush (the end was also never painted). The paint brush held by the Priscilla Ann on the left in the picture below shows the mold error, while the other paint brush shows the normal view (click on the picture to make it larger).
Priscilla Paint Brush Mold Error (Left Figurine)

Permanent Mold Changes: Mold changes have been both permanent and temporary. After some pieces broke easily, the mold was changed to make the piece less likely to break. Examples of permanent changes include the following (click on picture for a closer look):

Temporary Mold Changes: Someone within Enesco had fun in 1994 and temporarily changed some popular molds. These temporary changes occurred in some of the following:

Mold Size Changes: A few of the molds have also changed sizes during different production years. Beth is a good example, along with the sisters Karen, Jackie and Sara. All these pieces were enlarged slightly around when Enesco took over making Cherished Teddies from Hamilton Gifts.
Beth Side View
Beth Front View

Other Mold Changes: Other molds were changed in later years to differently handle pieces that could be attached to a figurine. These mold changes were made to the following:

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