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Errors and Variations

All About Errors and Variations

Under Construction

You can help complete this page! I have grand plans for this page (as you can see from the content outline below) and I hope that you can help me populate this section with useful information and photographs. I especially want to be able to verify errors through photos, and I need help to do that!

I'm starting with Prototype Pieces and with Mold Changes and hope to fill in the other sections as time and information permits. You can help by sending in photos (scanned or otherwise) of pieces that have errors or variations. I will gladly give credit where credit is due by identifying who provided photos of which pieces.

Please send me e-mail if you have comments or anything to contribute to this section! Hopefully we will be able to take these "Under Construction" signs down soon!

  1. Enesco Factory Environment and Process
  2. Prototype Pieces
  3. Mold Changes
  4. Glue Errors
  5. Paint Errors
  6. Other Variations
  7. Stamping Errors
  8. Serial Number Errors
  9. Paper Printing Errors

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