Fiat 124 Spider & Fiat Spider 2000

Information Page

This page is dedicated to providing useful information and links concerning
model years 1974-1978 Fiat 124 Spiders and the Fiat Spider 2000 (model years 1979-1982).
I'm using this page mostly as a repository of information based on
my experience keeping my Spiders running. This is so I
don't forget what I've done before to solve a particular problem,
and/or "reinvent the wheel." It is also to provide links to sites
on the web that I have found useful.

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Technical Specs & Dimensions

Photos and Description of my Fiat Spiders

1975 Fiat 124 Spider.

Bought this car in 2002 and drove it down from San Francisco.
It had nice Exip rims and a 1980 Fuel Injected 2.0L engine.

1978 Fiat 124 Spider.
Bought this car in 1996 in Rolla, MO.
It had 48,000 miles on it and had spent the
last few years in a garage.
I had to replace a lot of gaskets and rubber parts and hoses.
I towed it out to California after I graduated from school in 2000,
and I will be selling it soon. I'd love to keep it, but the
lack of power due to California smog equipment is a real issue.
It's time for me to pass it on to someone who doesn't mind the lack
of power.

I previously owned a 1974 Fiat Spider (CA edition) that I bought in Arkansas
in 1991 while I was still in High School. I cut my proverbial teeth on this car
mechanic-wise. It was a real rust-bucket, but a solid performer once all the kinks
were ironed out. I worked on everything but the engine on this car.
This Spider had a 1.8L engine with the best stock carb that Fiat ever put on
their Spiders: the Weber DMSA. Sold it to a friend in Rolla sometime around late 1998.

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