Mary T's Attic Inventory List
Last Updated: Thursday April 27, 2006
StatusItem #TitleYear ConditionPriceInterested
sold6379984th of July Beanie n/aM3sold
900362Abigail 1993M3$42
bottom discolored with two felt dots missing and slightly blurred serial number, tag box rip on box back
sold900362Abigail 1993M1sold
sold706876Abraham n/aM1sold
#6910 of 7500; signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold706876Abraham n/aM1sold
#7067 of 7500
sold269751Adam 1997M1sold
sold798835Adelaide n/aM1sold
726702Agatha 1999M1$22
sold726702Agatha 1999M1sold
sold726753Agatha Beanie n/aM1sold
104029Aggie n/aM1$53
sold104029Aggie n/aM1sold
103594Aiming For Your Heart 1994M1$35
103594Aiming For Your Heart 1994M2$33
sold103594Aiming For Your Heart 1994M2sold
742988Air Force n/aM3$18
bent box lid
4001552Alana n/aM1$27
layaway4001552Alana n/aM1$27
sold4001552Alana n/aM1sold
sold368156Alex 1998M2sold
signed by painter
sold368156Alex 1998M1sold
sold368156Alex 1999M2sold
signed by master sculptor
368156Alex 1999M2$32
signed by master sculptor
sold368156Alex 1998M2sold
signed by Priscilla, Glenn, and Norm Hillman
113508Alexander n/aM1$13
sold113508Alexander n/aM1sold
sold111865Alexandra n/aM1sold
681113Alexis n/aM1$30
sold681113Alexis n/aM1sold
661848Albert and Susann 1999M1$35
has "early edition" understamp
sold661848Albert and Susann 1999M1sold
has "early edition" understamp
302465Alicia 1997M1$24
sold302465Alicia 1997M1sold
sold864358Alisa and Anthony n/aM1sold
#2134 of 3,000; box dents
864358Alisa and Anthony n/aM1$48
#1454 of 3,000
864358Alisa and Anthony n/aM1$45
#2210 of 3,000; box lid doesn't close smoothly
127981Allison and Alexandria 1999M1$32
127981Allison and Alexandria 1995M1$35
sold127981Allison and Alexandria 1995M1sold
layaway789747Andrew n/aM1$35
layaway789747Andrew n/aM1$35
sold789747Andrew n/aM1sold
476978Anxiously Awaiting the Arrival 1998M1$16
sold476978Anxiously Awaiting the Arrival 1998M1sold
789577Austin and Alma n/aM1$54
#01477 of 10,000 (low number)
sold789577Austin and Alma n/aM1sold
#01555 of 10,000 (low number)
141186Amanda 1995M3$31
sold141186Amanda 1995M1sold
910732Amy 1996M3$22
box sticker discoloration, felt dot missing on bottom
910732Amy 1997M3$26
no original wrap
sold910732Amy 1993M1sold
layaway822553Amy NSPCC n/aM1$45
sold822553Amy NSPCC n/aM1sold
910732Amy With Purple Bow 1998M1$26
purple bow "error"
sold910732Amy With Purple Bow 1998M1sold
104185Andrea n/aM1$25
104185Andrea n/aM1$24
slightly dented tab
sold104185Andrea n/aM1sold
layaway104185Andrea n/aM1$25
176265Andy 1998M3$25
slightly sticky bottom
176265Andy 1998M2$29
sold176265Andy 1996M1sold
118373Bear On Santa Moon Ornament n/aM1$14
sold118373Bear On Santa Moon Ornament n/aM1sold
104777Angel On Sheep Ornament n/aM1$16
sold104777Angel On Sheep Ornament n/aM1sold
sold706663Angel Sitting On Moon n/aM1sold
912980Angel with Bells n/aM2$32
bright colored bells
sold912980Angel with Trumpet n/aM1sold
175986Angela 1998M1$29
sold175986Angela 1998M1sold
706809Angela New n/aM1$58
sold706809Angela New n/aM1sold
951137Angie 1992M1$69
resin halo
951137Angie 1995M1$32
sold951137Angie 1992M1sold
resin halo (rare for letter piece)
sold25249Angie Plush n/aM3sold
mint tag still attached
25249Angie Plush n/aM3$46
mint tag still attached
sold477915Anita 1999M1sold
950459Anna 1993M1$27
sold950459Anna 1993M1sold
sold533769Annette 1999M1sold
205354Annie, Brittany, Colby, Danny and Ernie 1997M1$75
sold215880Anniversary 1997M1sold
sold476528Anthony 1999M1sold
476528Anthony Rare 1999M1$54
letter "R" on box
sold476528Anthony Rare 1999M1sold
662275Antique Toy Elephant n/aM1$24
sold107062April n/aM1sold
107062April n/aM1$25
smashed box corner
sold755257April Monthly Carousel n/aM1sold
sold115300April Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
978973April Waterball n/aM1$20
sold589977Archie 1999M1sold
706698Ariel n/aM1$21
706930Army n/aM1$18
476161Arnold 1998M1$20
error with writing on bottom
sold476161Arnold 1998M1sold
error with writing on bottom
914827Arthur 1996M1$19
sold914827Arthur n/aM1sold
865109Audrey n/aM1$32
sold865109Audrey n/aM1sold
sold755303August Monthly Carousel n/aM1sold
115305August Twirl n/aM2$10
unwrapped once
979228August Waterball n/aM1$20
546526Ava 1999M1$18
sold546526Ava 1998M1sold
sold597317Ava Beanie n/aM1sold
sold477907Avon Graduate 1998M1sold
477907Avon Graduate 1998M1$19
743801Awaiting the Arrival n/aM1$22
203882Baby and Me Photo Frame n/aM1$26
203688Baby Bank n/aM1$25
67290Baby Boy Plush n/aM3$16
sold913014Baby Boy's First Christmas n/aM1sold
203734Baby Covered Box n/aM1$25
913006Baby Girl's First Christmas n/aM3$19
back of hat little dirty
67290Baby Girl Plush n/aM3$16
sold67290Baby Girl Plush n/aM3sold
4001548Baby's 1st Christmas 2005 n/aM1$18
box error wording of "Oranment" instead of "Ornament"
sold4001548Baby's 1st Christmas 2005 n/aM1sold
box error wording of "Oranment" instead of "Ornament"
141240Baby's First Christmas On Cloud n/aM1$19
sold141240Baby's First Christmas On Cloud n/aM1sold
203947Baby Night Light n/aM1$15
662011FBailey and Friend IPR n/aM1$29
Error Piece: "Continuous" spelled "Continuons
sold662011FBailey and Friend IPR n/aM1sold
Error Piece: "Continuous" spelled "Continuons
662011FBailey and Friend IPR n/aM1$25
141305Barbara 1996M1$18
270016Barry 1997M1$22
sold270016Barry 1997M3sold
644358FBaxter and Friend IPR 1999M1$25
sold644358FBaxter and Friend IPR 1999M1sold
sold276995Bazza 1997M1sold
with Australian passport!
103640Be Mine 1994M1$21
sold103640Be Mine 1994M1sold
103586Be My Bow 1994M3$29
103586Be My Bow 1994M1$35
sold103586Be My Bow 1994M2sold
sold141348Bea 1995M1sold
styrofoam packing; pink heart, turquoise blue cloth lines on jar, darker colors
141348Bea 1995M1$35
styrofoam packing; pink heart, turquoise blue cloth lines on jar, darker colors
141348Bea 1995M3$20
141348Bea 1995M1$25
foam packing; salmon heart, navy blue cloth lines on jar
sold516562Beanies Sarah, Karen, and Jackie n/aM2sold
Cherished Teddies beanies did not come in plastic wrapper
516562Beanies Sarah, Karen, and Jackie n/aM2$6
Cherished Teddies beanies did not come in plastic wrapper; sold separately for $2 each
112393Bear Asleep On Moon Ornament n/aM1$17
617326Bear Cratchit 1994M2$33
slightly sticky bottom
617326Bear Cratchit 1994M3$29
slightly sticky bottom
sold617326Bear Cratchit 1994M1sold
651370Bear Dressed As Santa Ornament n/aM1$19
has papers
sold651370Bear Dressed As Santa Ornament n/aM1sold
has papers
916323Girl With Harp Musical n/aM2$89
box side flap almost ripped off
sold617199Bear Holding Pumpkin Nightlight n/aM1sold
177768Bear with Dangling Mittens n/aM1$17
272175Bear with Dangling Snow Flakes n/aM1$17
has papers
sold272175Bear with Dangling Snow Flakes n/aM1sold
has papers
sold141232Bear with Ice Skates n/aM1sold
141232Bear with Ice Skates n/aM1$28
has papers
950815Bear on Rocking Reindeer n/aM1$122
first edition (Hamilton Gifts box); has lighter brown base with wreath
950815Bear on Rocking Reindeer n/aM3$95
first edition (Hamilton Gifts box); has lighter brown base with wreath; displayed briefly; no plastic wrap
950815Bear on Rocking Reindeer n/aM3$85
no original wrap; box corners crumpled and torn; small nicks in back of wood base (ask for photo); first edition (Hamilton Gifts box); has medium brown base with wreath
sold950815Bear on Rocking Reindeer n/aM1sold
first edition (Hamilton Gifts box); has medium brown base with wreath
sold4002835Bears On Sleeping Moon Ornament n/aM1sold
hold786837Beatrice n/aM1$22
sold916331Becky 1994M1sold
916331Becky 1994M2$48
916331Becky 1993M3$35
light paint job for bonnet edging; no plastic wrap
116934Belinda n/aM1$38
layaway116934Belinda n/aM1$38
sold116934Belinda n/aM1sold
sold368237Benjamin 1999M1sold
1st edition older box
950548Benji 1992M1$59
950548Benji 1992M1$56
serial number slightly smeared
sold950548Benji 1994M2sold
CT972Bernard and Bernice n/aM1$28
163457Bertie n/aM1$32
year 2000
sold163457Bertie 1997M1sold
163457Bertie 1995M1$40
sold916404Bessie 1994M1sold
sold950637Beth 1994M2sold
950637Beth 1992M2$75
only unwrapped once to examine
950637Beth 1993M2$62
lighter face; paint job a little different (ask for photo); box rip from tag; writing on box
950564Beth and Blossom 1996M3$59
no butterfly; slightly sticky on bottom; box doesn't close well
950564Beth and Blossom 1996M1$61
no butterfly
sold950807Beth on Rocking Reindeer 1993M2sold
grass paint spots on bottom!
sold25213Beth Plush n/aM3sold
mint tag still attached
624896Betsey 1995M1$19
sold624896Betsey n/aM1sold
533637Bette 1998M1$24
sold533637Bette 1998M1sold
626066Betty 1996M1$26
sold626066Betty 1995M1sold
6038Betty Plush n/aM3$21
tag a little bent
104632Bev, Bertha and Bethany n/aM1$57
sold104632Bev, Bertha and Bethany n/aM1sold
sold104632Bev, Bertha and Bethany n/aM1sold
505552Bill 1998M1$25
layaway505552Bill 1998M1$25
sold505552Bill 1998M1sold
790206Billie n/aM1$49
soldCRT004Blocks Displayer n/aM1sold
box rip; slightly smashed box corner
549967Blue Plush n/aM2$79
tag signed by Priscilla Hillman; only removed from original bag for signature
sold549967Blue Plush n/aM2sold
549967Blue Plush n/aM2$46
549967Blue Plush n/aM3$41
202444PBob 1996M1$20
comes with passport
sold202444PBob 1996M1sold
comes with passport
624896Bobbie 1996M1$21
sold624896Bobbie n/aM1sold
706868Bobby 1999M1$26
sold706868Bobby 1999M1sold
786861Booker and Fletcher n/aM1$30
476927Boy First Communion 1999M1$15
sold476927Boy First Communion 1999M1sold
707317Boy With Overalls Mini Figurine n/aM1$8
706833Bradley n/aM1$24
sold706833Bradley n/aM1sold
sold617180Breanna 1994M1sold
617180Breanna 1994M1$33
912816Brenda 1994M3$42
serial number little smeared; no feather (figurine shown in website picture)
sold912816Brenda 1994M1sold
864315Brenna n/aM1$52
sold864315Brenna n/aM1sold
302457Brett 1997M1$28
sold302457Brett 1997M1sold
sold533807Brian 1999M1sold
533807Brian 1999M1$26
sold476285Bride 1998M1sold
476285Bride 1999M1$19
699349Bride and Groom Musical n/aM1$65
smashed bottom box corner
476323Bridesmaid n/aM1$15
sold476323Bridesmaid 1998M1sold
104047Bridget n/aM1$29
104047Bridget n/aM1$28
slightly smashed box corner
sold104047Bridget n/aM1sold
112451British Schoolboy n/aM1$18
layaway112451British Schoolboy n/aM1$18
sold112451British Schoolboy n/aM1sold
112450British Schoolgirl n/aM1$18
layaway112450British Schoolgirl n/aM1$18
sold112450British Schoolgirl n/aM1sold
865427Bronwyn n/aM1$28
Special Edition understamp
sold865427Bronwyn n/aM1sold
Special Edition understamp
103713Bruno 1996M1$19
912816Bucky 1994M3$40
no plastic wrap; white glue marks for feather on back of head
912816Bucky 1994M1$49
sold912816Bucky 1994M1sold
834238Buffy n/aM2$69
signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold834238Buffy n/aM1sold
103659Bundle Of Joy Boy 1994M1$19
103659Bundle Of Joy Girl 1994M1$22
sold103659Bundle Of Joy Girl 1994M1sold
sold103802Bunny 1996M1sold
103802Bunny 1995M2$25
slight fading on hat; unwrapped for display picture
103802Bunny 1995M1$28
103802Bunny 1994M1$32
sold103802Bunny 1994M2sold
CRT233By the Sea Displayer n/aM1$45
sold661996Caleb and Friends n/aM1sold
116996Callum n/aM1$29
layaway116996Callum n/aM1$25
sold116996Callum n/aM1sold
sold904309Camel n/aM1sold
Hamilton Gifts Box (1st edition)
508659Cameron 1999M1$37
sold508659Cameron 1998M1sold
Error Piece -- "Canadian" is spelled "Candian
508659Cameron 1998M1$55
Error Piece -- "Canadian" is spelled "Candian
950424Camille 1993M2$28
sold950424Camille 1992M1sold
open bow loop
950424Camille 1992M1$38
open bow loop
689653Canadian Beanie n/aM2$10
did not come in separate bag
sold689653Canadian Beanie n/aM2sold
did not come in separate bag
sold102914Canadian Mountie Musical n/aM1sold
269778Candace 1997M1$22
sold269778Candace 1997M1sold
864323ECandy UK n/aM1$29
layaway864323ECandy UK n/aM1$29
sold864323ECandy UK n/aM1sold
sold706620Carla n/aM2sold
signed by Priscilla Hillman
layaway706620Carla n/aM1$39
sold706620Carla n/aM1sold
sold202339Carlos n/aM1sold
873438Carlton n/aM1$18
sold873438Carlton n/aM1sold
sold118347Carlton Angel n/aM1sold
sold118317Carlton Angel Angie n/aM1sold
sold118318Carlton Angel Celeste n/aM1sold
637963SCarlton Exclusive Beanie n/aM3$9
sold637963SCarlton Exclusive Beanie n/aM3sold
352969Carol 1998M1$21
sold352969Carol 1998M1sold
864277Caroline n/aM1$25
sold912921Carolyn 1995M2sold
141321Carrie 1995M1$25
beautiful colors!
sold141321Carrie 1995M1sold
beautiful colors!
sold219525Casey 1996M2sold
contains lantern that was removed in later versions; M1 if came with plastic wrap
219525Casey 1996M2$28
contains lantern that was removed in later versions; M1 if came with plastic wrap
layaway219525Casey 1996M2$28
contains lantern that was removed in later versions; M1 if came with plastic wrap
219525Casey 1997M2$33
contains lantern (rare for a 1997 piece); M1 if came with plastic wrap
sold706779Cassandra n/aM1sold
269980Cathy 1997M1$28
sold269980Cathy 1997M1sold
104034Celene n/aM1$42
dented box corner
sold104034Celene n/aM1sold
sold141267Celeste 1995M1sold
477524Chad 1999M1$25
910678Charity 1993M3$149
tag mark on bottom
sold910678Charity 1993M1sold
box surface rip
104140Charity Plaque n/aM1$10
sold950742Charlie 1992M1sold
950742Charlie 1993M2$74
sold910694Chelsea 1993M1sold
910694Chelsea 1993M1$194
slight factory s/n smear (but never unwrapped!); box dented on top; box tag discoloration
597392Chelsea and Daisy 1999M1$23
sold597392Chelsea and Daisy 1999M1sold
597392Chelsea and Daisy 1999M2$39
unwrapped once for Priscilla and Glenn Hillman's signatures
sold597392Chelsea and Daisy 1999M2sold
unwrapped once for Priscilla Hillman's signature
665112Chelsea Steiff n/aM1$359
Number 378 of 5,000; Never removed from box
281263Cherish The Joy Ornament n/aM1$29
141216Cheryl and Carl 1996M1$29
sold141216Cheryl and Carl 1996M1sold
sold6043Child of Kindness Plush n/aM3sold
mint tag still attached
sold6237Child of Love Plush n/aM3sold
mint tag still attached
103837Christian 1994M1$24
302473Christina 1997M1$25
sold302473Christina n/aM1sold
912999Christmas Boy Frame n/aM3$29
no box for photo frame
912999Christmas Girl Frame n/aM3$29
no box for photo frame
sold903922Christmas Tree Topper n/aM1sold
950483Christopher 1993M3$62
slightly sticky bottom
950483Christopher 1993M1$66
950483Christopher 1992M1$69
sold950483Christopher 1993M1sold
627453Christopher Musical n/aM1$75
128023Christy 1995M3$20
writing on box; box desc ripped
128023Christy 1995M1$34
128023Christy 1995M3$26
no original wrap; slightly sticky bottom
128023Christy 1996M2$29
sold128023Christy 1996M1sold
128023Christy 1995M2$27
sold128023Christy Prototype 1995M2sold
109241Chloe n/aM1$44
layaway109241Chloe n/aM1$44
sold109241Chloe n/aM1sold
sold219177Cindy 1997M2sold
does not come with plastic wrap
sold666718Circle of Love 1999M1sold
104256Circus Gift Set 1995M1$97
Wally, Claudia & Bruno are all first edition! Box little dinged
sold104256Circus Gift Set 1995M1sold
Wally, Claudia & Bruno are all first edition!
107700Circus Tent n/aM1$25
500364Clarence 1998M1$32
sold500364Clarence 1998M1sold
106716Clark n/aM1$16
sold106716Clark n/aM1sold
sold197254Claudette 1996M1sold
box dents
103721Claudia 1996M1$21
505498Cody 1998M3$24
no original wrap
505498Cody 1998M1$27
slightly dented box corner
sold505498Cody 1998M1sold
476714Cole 1998M1$15
sold476714Cole 1998M1sold
sold476714Cole Rare 1998M1sold
476714Cole Rare 1998M1$35
sold219088Colin 1996M1sold
219088Colin 1996M1$28
sold219088Colin 1996M1sold
219088Colin 1997M1$25
759511Collector n/aM1$60
sold759511Collector n/aM1sold
811971Collector Plush n/aM1$32
sold373966Colleen 1998M1sold
663891Communion n/aM1$13
476846Company We Keep 1999M1$69
sold476846Company We Keep 1999M1sold
sold912794Connie 1994M1sold
912794Connie 1995M1$39
912794Connie 1994M2$36
sticky bottom
912794Connie 1994M3$30
sticky bottom
912794Connie 1995M2$32
sticky bottom
662232Cookie Beanie 1999M1$10
sold662232Cookie Beanie 1999M1sold
113511Cora n/aM1$13
sold113511Cora n/aM1sold
676942Corey 1999M1$25
sold676942Corey 1999M1sold
651435Couple in Sleigh Musical n/aM1$145
small hole in box on one side
sold916390Courtney 1995M1sold
sold651095Cow 1996M1sold
951218Creche with Coverlet n/aM1$52
loose star
sold951218Creche with Coverlet n/aM1sold
soldCT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM1sold
still in original plastic bag
CT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM1$12
still in original plastic bag
CT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM3$12
charter membear version
layawayCT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM3$12
charter membear version
soldCT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM3sold
charter membear version
CT995Cub E Bear Plush n/aM3$10
156485Craig and Cheri 1997M1$34
sold156485Craig and Cheri 1995M1sold
651362Cratchit's House n/aM1$98
651362Cratchit's House n/aM3$89
mark from sticky tag
sold651362Cratchit's House n/aM1sold
589942Crystal 1999M1$23
sold589942Crystal 1999M1sold
589942Crystal Rare 1999M1$29
error understamp
sold589942Crystal Rare 1999M1sold
707341Dad With Hanging Ornament Mini Figurine n/aM1$8
sold910651Daisy 1993M1sold
910651Daisy 1993M3$598
signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman; sache lighter; tiny black spots on sache on back of hat (ask for photo); first number on bottom little blurry; minor box rip
665905Daisy Steiff n/aM1$315
number 2050 of 5,000; never removed from box
676861Danny n/aM1$25
sold676861Danny n/aM1sold
176214Daniel 1996M1$29
sold176214Daniel n/aM1sold
sold265780Danielle, Sabrina and Tiffany n/aM1sold
5559 out of 25,000 <-- low number
661767Daphne n/aM1$39
156469Darla 1995M1$25
sold156469Darla 1995M1sold
sold156469Darla 1995M1sold
156450Darrel 1995M1$23
sold156450Darrel 1995M1sold
sold156450Darrel 1995M1sold
784974Darren n/aM1$29
477494Dave 1999M1$25
sold477494Dave 1999M1sold
hold661899Dawn n/aM1$22
112452Deanna n/aM1$22
hold112452Deanna n/aM1$22
sold112452Deanna n/aM1sold
156361Debbie 1996M1$18
sold156361Debbie n/aM1sold
sold755354December Monthly Carousel n/aM1sold
sold115309December Twirl n/aM2sold
979260December Waterball n/aM1$20
848573Delight n/aM1$26
914878Denise 1995M1$21
sold914878Denise n/aM1sold
510963Dennis 1999M1$21
sold510963Dennis 1999M1sold
848522Dennis and Barb n/aM1$30
786845Diana n/aM1$17
sold786845Diana n/aM1sold
sold786845EDiana UK n/aM1sold
202991Diane 1997M1$28
141275Dina 1996M1$20
box slice top front
sold104039Don n/aM1sold
103799Donald 1994M1$38
103799Donald 1994M3$24
no original wrap; slightly sticky bottom
sold103799Donald 1995M1sold
103799Donald 1995M1$36
103799Donald 1994M3$33
slightly sticky bottom; slightly sticky bottom
sold476730Donna 1999M2sold
unwrapped once for Priscilla Hillman's Signature
476730Donna 1999M2$49
unwrapped once for Priscilla Hillman's Signature
476730Donna 1999M1$29
sold476730Donna 1999M1sold
978930Dora and Roland n/aM1$20
sold978930Dora and Roland n/aM1sold
sold128023Dorothy 1995M3sold
no plastic wrap
sold128023Dorothy Prototype 1995M2sold
128023Dorothy Prototype 1995M2$41
sold950661Douglas 1992M1sold
864234Drew n/aM1$52
sold864234Drew n/aM1sold
sold912891Drummer Boy Ornament n/aM1sold
546550Drummer Boy 1999 Ornament n/aM1$12
sold546550Drummer Boy 1999 Ornament n/aM1sold
103748Dudley Unpainted 1999M1$35
sold103748Dudley Unpainted 1999M1sold
sold163463Duncan 1997M1sold
163463Duncan 1996M1$35
slightly dented box cover
163463Duncan 1995M2$52
no original plastic wrap
477508Dustin and Austin 1999M1$42
sold477508Dustin and Austin 1999M2sold
sold110010Dylan n/aM1sold
131873Earl 1997M1$32
131873Earl 1995M3$28
no original wrap; slightly sticky bottom
sold131873Earl 1995M1sold
617295Ebearnezer Scrooge 1994M2$38
with glasses; M1 condition (no original plastic wrap)
sold617295Ebearnezer Scrooge 1994M2sold
with glasses; M1 condition (no original plastic wrap)
617295Ebearnezer Scrooge 1994M3$21
no glasses; sticky bottom; not original packing
617295Ebearnezer Scrooge 1995M3$20
no glasses; sticky bottom; not original packing
466220Ed 1999M1$25
comes with pumpkin carving set
sold466220Ed 1999M1sold
comes with pumpkin carving set
867470Edna n/aM1$52
sold867470Edna n/aM1sold
950718Edward, Richard, and Wilbur 1992M1$76
very slight blur on part of Edward's serial number
950718Edward, Richard, and Wilbur 1992M1$79
sold950718Edward, Richard, and Wilbur 1992M1sold
950718Edward, Richard, and Wilbur 1992M1$65
freckle on Richard's face; very slight blur on one part of Edward's serial number; part of Wilbur's paint job little sloppy (ask for picture)
sold950718Edward, Richard, and Wilbur 1992M1sold
sold156507Egg 1996 n/aM1sold
203017Egg 1997 n/aM1$15
sold203017Egg 1997 n/aM1sold
0000368Egg 2005 n/aM1$18
layaway0000368Egg 2005 n/aM1$18
4003308Egg 2006 n/aM1$18
721174Eighteenth Birthday n/aM1$25
sold721174Eighteenth Birthday n/aM1sold
4004386Elaine n/aM1$28
layaway4004386Elaine n/aM1$28
sold4004386Elaine n/aM1sold
sold112545Elijah n/aM1sold
CT971Eleanor P. Beary n/aM1$29
soldCT971Eleanor P. Beary n/aM1sold
103977Elephant 1995M1$23
625434Elf Bear with Doll n/aM1$18
has papers
sold625434Elf Bear with Doll n/aM1sold
has papers
625442Elf Bear with Reindeer n/aM1$18
has papers
sold625442Elf Bear with Reindeer n/aM1sold
has papers
651389Elf with Candy Cane n/aM1$25
has papers
sold651389Elf with Candy Cane n/aM1sold
has papers
120009Elissa n/aM1$39
sold120009Elissa n/aM1sold
120009Elissa n/aM2$49
signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold120009Elissa n/aM2sold
signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
916277Elizabeth and Ashley 1993M2$72
unwrapped once
sold916277Elizabeth and Ashley 1993M1sold
156329Ella 1995M1$15
sold156329Ella 1995M1sold
533904Emma n/aM1$24
sold533904Emma n/aM1sold
622796Eric 1997M1$33
622796Eric 1994M1$36
sold622796Eric 1996M1sold
176028Erica 1996M1$26
box tab surface rip
sold176028Erica 1996M1sold
865036Erika n/aM1$28
sold865036Erika n/aM1sold
sold865044Erika Ornament n/aM1sold
sold203068Erin 1997M1sold
203068Erin 1997M1$16
hold661864Ernest and Bugsy n/aM1$27
805580Esther n/aM1$42
Signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold805580Esther n/aM1sold
sold789933Esther Beanie n/aM1sold
864293Ethan n/aM1$22
484822Evan 1998M1$34
sold484822Evan 1998M1sold
706787Eve n/aM1$40
916412Faith 1993M1$70
sold916412Faith 1995M1sold
867489Fay n/aM1$24
hold755230February Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115298February Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
978957February Waterball n/aM1$20
533890Felicia 1999M1$24
sold533890Felicia 1999M1sold
601640Felix n/aM1$37
sold601640Felix 1999M1sold
sold202355Fernando 1996M1sold
119433Fiona and Myra n/aM1$29
dented box corner
layaway119433Fiona and Myra n/aM1$29
sold119433Fiona and Myra n/aM1sold
589950Flossie 1999M1$26
sold589950Flossie 1999M1sold
476374Flower Girl 1998M1$13
sold476374Flower Girl 1998M1sold
310409Follow the Rainbow Accessories n/aM1$15
sold476501Follow the Yellow Brick Road 1998M2sold
Display signed by Priscilla, her talented son Glenn, and husband Norman; all 4 other pieces signed by Priscilla Hillman
352950Frank and Helen 1998M1$26
sold352950Frank and Helen 1998M1sold
sold202436Franz 1996M1sold
624888Father 1993M1$14
911747Freda and Tina 1993M1$38
6122Friends Come In All Sizes Plush n/aM3$89
sold24184Friendship Plush n/aM3sold
original tags still attached
869074From My Heart 1994M1$23
sold869074From My Heart 1994M1sold
sold706884Frosty and Aurora n/aM1sold
801178Frosty and Aurora Ornament n/aM1$22
sold801178Frosty and Aurora Ornament n/aM1sold
119411iFur Immer Zusammen n/aM1$20
box dents
sold119411iFur Immer Zusammen n/aM1sold
layaway119411iFur Immer Zusammen n/aM1$20
614807Gabriel, Garland and Gloria 1994M1$83
sold614807Gabriel, Garland and Gloria 1994M2sold
103772Gail 1994M1$33
103772Gail 1995M2$28
103772Gail 1994M3$25
papers filled out
202967Garden Furnature n/aM1$24
912786Gary 1994M3$40
no original wrap
sold912786Gary 1994M1sold
sold912786Gary 1995M1sold
545953George n/aM1$20
no registration number on bottom
sold109242Georgia n/aM1sold
112391Gerard n/aM1$28
112557German Schoolboy n/aM1$20
sold112557German Schoolboy n/aM1sold
112555German Schoolgirl n/aM1$20
sold112555German Schoolgirl n/aM1sold
112803Gertie n/aM1$29
sold112803Gertie n/aM1sold
sold502898Gina 1998M1sold
502898Gina 1998M1$23
141127Ginger 1995M1$33
sold141127Ginger 1995M1sold
352748Gingerbread Bear Ornament n/aM1$18
sold352748Gingerbread Bear Ornament n/aM1sold
136182Girl Communion Frame n/aM1$28
sold476919Girl First Communion 1999M1sold
sold161306Girl Holding Basket of Strawberries Cookie Jar n/aM2sold
did not come with plastic wrap
625426Girl Holding Tray of Cookies n/aM1$18
has papers
sold625426Girl Holding Tray of Cookies n/aM1sold
has papers
707333Girl With Bowl And Spoon Mini Figurine n/aM1$8
sold707333Girl With Bowl And Spoon Mini Figurine n/aM1sold
707309Girl With Gingerbread Doll Mini Figurine n/aM1$8
sold707309Girl With Gingerbread Doll Mini Figurine n/aM1sold
sold912832Girl With Muff Ornament n/aM1sold
4003828Girl With Tulips n/aM1$21
707325Girl Wrapping Gift Mini Figurine n/aM1$8
sold707325Girl Wrapping Gift Mini Figurine n/aM1sold
sold916358Girls Spring Mini n/aM3sold
sold as set of 3; did not come with box; displayed for less than a month
sold112415Giselle, Gertrude and Glenda n/aM1sold
271543Giving You My Heart Ornament n/aM1$28
sold477893Glenn 1998M2sold
signed and designed by Glenn Hillman
477893Glenn 1998M2$54
signed and designed by Glenn Hillman
477893Glenn 1998M1$41
104055Glenn New n/aM1$12
sold104055Glenn New n/aM1sold
113590Good Luck n/aM1$13
sold4002908Good Luck In Your New Home n/aM1sold
113890Gordon and Ellen n/aM1$30
sold113890Gordon and Ellen n/aM1sold
175994Grace 1997M1$26
sold175994Grace 1997M1sold
sold163465Gordon 1997M1sold
sold only as set of 4
163465Gordon 1995M1$43
sold127906Grandpa 1999M1sold
203505Gregg 1997M1$20
105385Gregory Avon n/aM1$13
sold105385Gregory Avon n/aM1sold
203351Gretchen 1997M1$32
minor surface rip from old tag
sold203351Gretchen 1997M1sold
912778Gretel 1993M1$43
912778Gretel 1994M1$38
912778Gretel 1994M2$35
tag mark on box
sold912778Gretel 1995M1sold
176230Gretel Pin and Earring Set n/aM1$11
sold176230Gretel Pin and Earring Set n/aM1sold
sold476315Groom 1998M1sold
476315Groom 1998M1$19
layaway476366Groomsman n/aM1$15
sold476366Groomsman 1998M1sold
hold302651Growing Better Each Year 1997M1$24
790613Grumps Plush n/aM1$30
176206Halloween Accessories n/aM1$22
comes with box
sold176206Halloween Accessories n/aM1sold
152382Halloween House n/aM1$33
bent box corner
sold152382Halloween House n/aM1sold
141720Halloween Pin and Earring Set n/aM1$12
sold141879Halloween Resin Bag Connie n/aM1sold
sold141879Halloween Resin Bag Gretel n/aM2sold
141879Halloween Resin Bag Pumpkin n/aM1$19
sold141879Halloween Resin Bag Pumpkin n/aM1sold
sold203343Hannah n/aM1sold
sold912956Hans 1993M2sold
only unwrapped once to examine!
912956Hans 1994M3$74
no plastic wrap; small box rips on two corners
912956Hans 1993M2$92
302589Happily Ever After Displayer n/aM1$25
576587Harriet 1999M1$22
911739Harrison 1993M3$19
card filled out; box tab ripped; box outer paper rips; lighter hat
sold911739Harrison 1994M1sold
911739Harrison 1993M1$31
slightly smashed box corner; label on wrong side of box
911739Harrison 1994M1$29
302732Harry and Katherine 1998M1$72
broken styrofoam piece
sold302732Harry and Katherine 1998M1sold
676853Harvey 1999M1$25
sold676853Harvey 1999M1sold
302481Harvey and Gigi 1997M1$34
smashed box
sold302481Harvey and Gigi 1997M1sold
sold534129Hazel 1999M1sold
sold203289Heart Vase n/aM1sold
hold203289Heart Vase n/aM1$
bent box corner
sold901708Heidi and David 1993M2sold
beautiful color; slightly sticky bottom
901708Heidi and David 1993M2$41
beautiful color; slightly sticky bottom
901708Heidi and David 1993M2$29
beautiful color; slightly sticky bottom; no plastic wrap; factory indentation on hat (ask for photo)
sold910686Henrietta 1993M1sold
910686Henrietta 1993M2$155
sold916420Henry 1994M1sold
soldCT952Hillary Hugabear 1995M2sold
unwrapped once
sold916285Holding On To Someone Special 1993M1sold
916285Holding On To Someone Special 1993M1$275
916285Holding On To Someone Special 1993M2$285
signed by Priscilla Hillman; unwrapped once
916285Holding On To Someone Special 1993M2$279
signed by Priscilla Hillman
916285Holding On To Someone Special 1993M3$205
Hamilton Gifts Box, lighter paint (especially on hat common to early pieces), writing on box
sold4001549Holiday Hugs Ornament n/aM1sold
box wording error of "Oranment" instead of "Ornament"; slightly dented box
141119Holly 1995M1$28
sold141119Holly 1995M1sold
141119Holly 1995M3$20
missing papers; no original plastic wrap
662046FHomer and Friend IPR 1999M1$40
sold662046FHomer and Friend IPR 1999M1sold
534099Honey 1999M1$20
103764Hope 1997M1$28
sold103764Hope 1997M1sold
sold24183Hugs and Kisses Plush n/aM3sold
352977Humphrey 1998M1$37
sold352977Humphrey 1998M1sold
354104Hunter 1998M1$21
sold354104Hunter 1998M1sold
sold542091I Love Hugs 1999M1sold
sold538566I Love Hugs Beanie n/aM1sold
848530Icabod n/aM1$23
sold848530Icabod n/aM1sold
soldCRT334Ice Skating Pond Display n/aM1sold
0000369Ilene n/aM1$22
layaway0000369Ilene n/aM1$22
sold0000369Ilene n/aM1sold
layaway0000369Ilene n/aM1$22
538299I'm Surrounded By Hugs 1998M1$30
sold538299I'm Surrounded By Hugs 1998M1sold
sold538299EI'm Surrounded By Hugs UK 1998M1sold
538299EI'm Surrounded By Hugs UK 1998M3$48
tag stains on bottom
sold617237Ingrid 1994M1sold
sold476404Irene 1998M1sold
202908Iris 1996M1$17
4003829Irish From Head To Toe n/aM1$21
sold104659Irma n/aM1sold
706728Irmgard n/aM1$28
sold706728Irmgard n/aM1sold
smashed box corner
707031Isaac, Jeremiah and Temperance n/aM1$32
707031Isaac, Jeremiah and Temperance n/aM1$30
slightly discolored box top
589969Ivan 1999M1$24
914754Jack 1995M1$19
sold624772Jack and Jill 1994M1sold
624772Jack and Jill 1996M1$43
box discoloration
128112Jack and Jill Photoframe n/aM1$30
sold950432Jackie Error 1994M2sold
549967Jackie Plush n/aM2$27
sold950734Jacob 1992M3sold
614785Jacob Bearly 1994M1$30
sold614785Jacob Bearly 1994M1sold
614785Jacob Bearly 1994M2$25
number written on box
269786James 1997M1$25
141224Jamie and Ashley 1996M1$31
sold141224Jamie and Ashley 1996M1sold
sold104142Jack Frost Ornament n/aM1sold
113133Jade, Kieren and Callum n/aM1$48
sold113133Jade, Kieren and Callum n/aM1sold
sold611697Jan n/aM1sold
Special Edition understamp
107068Jana n/aM1$17
107068Jana Canada n/aM1$16
sold107068Jana Canada n/aM1sold
sold203424Jane 1999M1sold
1st edition older box
336521Janet 1997M3$31
international version; no plastic wrap; name "Janet" written on box bottom
sold336521Janet 1997M2sold
755222January Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115297January Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
978949January Waterball n/aM1$20
950475Jasmine 1992M3$59
not orig packing; sticky bottom
950475Jasmine 1993M1$53
sold950475Jasmine 1994M1sold
950475Jasmine 1994M1$49
950475Jasmine 1994M3$39
still pristine! not original packing
202940Jasmine New 1999M2$23
did not come with plastic wrap but never removed from box
sold202940Jasmine New 1999M2sold
did not come with plastic wrap but never removed from box
506214Jason 1998M3$23
Error piece. Bottom reads "When It Comes To Friendship. You've Really Eamed Your Stripes". No original wrap. Slightly sticky bottom
sold506214Jason 1998M1sold
Error piece. Bottom reads "When It Comes To Friendship. You've Really Eamed Your Stripes
sold269859Jean 1997M1sold
617091Jedediah 1996M1$39
sold617091Jedediah 1994M1sold
176044Jeffrey 1996M1$20
sold176044Jeffrey 1996M1sold
176052Jeffrey Ornament n/aM1$17
sold505579Jenelle 1998M1sold
156337Jenna 1995M1$22
slight indentation on box
sold156337Jenna 1995M1sold
103810Jennifer 1995M1$30
103810Jennifer 1994M3$28
papers filled out
103810Jennifer 1997M3$27
sold103810Jennifer 1995M1sold
sold103810Jennifer 1996M1sold
199877Jenny n/aM1$32
950521Jeremy 1992M1$59
950521Jeremy 1992M2$56
unwrapped once
950521Jeremy 1993M1$49
950521Jeremy 1993M3$38
slightly sticky bottom
sold950521Jeremy 1994M1sold
crumpled box top
950521Jeremy 1994M1$42
crumpled box corner
546534Jerome 1999M1$17
sold546534Jerome 1999M1sold
589926Jerrod 1999M1$23
203475Jerry 1997M1$19
sold203475Jerry 1997M1sold
155438Jessica 1997M1$39
sold155438Jessica 1996M1sold
155438AJessica GCC 1996M1$68
155438AJessica GCC 1996M2$65
155438AJessica GCC 1996M3$60
sticky bottom; box stain
sold155438AJessica GCC 1996M2sold
199869Jill n/aM1$59
sold156477Jilly 1995M1sold
layaway105673Jim UK n/aM1$28
hold105673Jim UK n/aM1$28
layaway105673Jim UK n/aM1$28
sold105673Jim UK n/aM1sold
4004387Jimmy n/aM1$28
layaway4004387Jimmy n/aM1$28
sold4004387Jimmy n/aM1sold
sold204345Jo and Dee n/aM1sold
789798EJo and Dee UK n/aM1$39
865133Joan n/aM1$21
sold865133Joan n/aM1sold
865141Joan Ornament n/aM1$19
sold865141Joan Ornament n/aM1sold
sold865141Joan Ornament n/aM1sold
sold2698440JoAnn 1997M1sold
4002852Joanne and Jacqueline n/aM1$27
layaway4002852Joanne and Jacqueline n/aM1$27
sold4002852Joanne and Jacqueline n/aM1sold
107070Joel n/aM1$17
slight indentation on box
sold107070Joel n/aM1sold
107070Joel Canada n/aM1$16
sold107070Joel Canada n/aM1sold
726621Joey and Lindsey 1999M1$35
sold726621Joey and Lindsey 1999M1sold
sold141283John 1996M1sold
sold914894Jointed Bear Ornament n/aM1sold
118374Jonah n/aM1$10
sold911739Jonathan 1996M1sold
4003171Jonny n/aM1$28
hold4003171Jonny n/aM1$28
sold4003171Jonny n/aM1sold
sold269832Jordon 1997M1sold
726729EJordan UK n/aM1$35
476471AJoseph 1998M2$32
sold476471AJoseph 1998M2sold
Palmer Catalog Exclusive; did not come with plastic wrap or would be M1
805610Josette n/aM1$22
805610Josette n/aM2$39
Signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold805610Josette n/aM1sold
sold797146Josette Beanie n/aM2sold
890278Josh n/aM1$22
layaway890278Josh n/aM1$22
sold890278Josh n/aM1sold
layaway890278Josh n/aM1$21
950688Josh, Maria and Baby 1992M1$59
950688Josh, Maria and Baby 1992M2$50
Josh M1, Maria M2 (only unwrapped once)
sold950688Josh, Maria and Baby 1992M1sold
950688Josh, Maria and Baby 1992M2$41
Maria - sloppy paint job on right foot and arm; ask to see photo
sold950688Josh, Maria and Baby 1992M1sold
sold950556Joshua 1992M1sold
lighter color bear
950556Joshua 1992M2$40
lighter color bear; cap has multi-colors (fading?); never unwrapped
950556Joshua 1992G$24
bottom yellowed and faded; fading on rings in back of tub and hat
sold950556Joshua 1996M1sold
302767Joyce 1997M1$27
506818Jude n/aM1$23
sold506818Jude n/aM1sold
666696Jude Plush n/aM1$13
hold203491Judy 1997M1$39
914819Julie 1996M1$19
755281July Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115303July Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
979201July Waterball n/aM3$20
914800June 1996M1$19
914800June 1997M3$15
no original wrap
755273June Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115302June Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
979198June Waterball n/aM1$20
sold533793Justin 1999M1sold
302600Kaitlyn 1998M1$59
sold302600Kaitlyn 1998M1sold
265799Kara 1997M1$24
sold265799Kara 1997M1sold
sold950432Karen Error 1994M2sold
549967Karen Plush n/aM2$29
layaway549967Karen Plush n/aM2$29
sold549967Karen Plush n/aM2sold
979279Karen and Jeff n/aM1$28
sold979279Karen and Jeff n/aM1sold
874671Katherine n/aM1$14
916447Kathleen 1999M1$20
916447Kathleen 1999M3$18
sold916447Kathleen 1996M1sold
sold950440Katie 1993M1sold
950440Katie 1992M1$59
has original larger certificate
950440Katie 1993M1$47
950440Katie 1993M3$30
sticky bottom; not original wrap; box top has slices in it
sold202401Katrien 1998M1sold
comes with Netherlands passport
101687Katrina and Forrest n/aM1$18
sold101687Katrina and Forrest n/aM1sold
795607Katrina, Fritz and Forrest n/aM1$38
533815Kayla 1999M1$23
sold533815Kayla 1999M1sold
0000371Kealy n/aM1$18
layaway0000371Kealy n/aM1$18
hold0000371Kealy n/aM1$18
sold0000371Kealy n/aM1sold
layaway0000371Kealy n/aM1$18
sold0000371Kealy n/aM1sold
354244Keith and Deborah 1998M1$29
slice on box near tab
354244Keith and Deborah 1998M1$30
sold916307Kelly 1993M1sold
sold302570Kelsie 1998M1sold
477599Ken 1999M1$25
sold477599Ken 1999M1sold
sold476692Kendra 1999M2sold
1st edition older box
476560Kent 1999M1$23
476560Kent Rare 1999M1$43
sold476560Kent Rare 1999M1sold
197289Kerstin 1996M1$20
slightly discolored box
sold197289Kerstin 1996M1sold
sold103896Kevin 1994M1sold
203335Kimberly 1997M1$26
didnít come with plastic wrap; never removed from box
847860King Henry n/aM1$29
layaway847860King Henry n/aM1$26
sold847860King Henry n/aM1sold
Special Edition
sold219118Kirby 1997M1sold
131865Kittie 1996M1$28
sold131865Kittie 1996M1sold
sold131865Kittie 1996M2sold
only unwrapped once for Priscilla Hillman's signature!
176036Klaus 1996M3$24
sticky bottom
176036Klaus 1996M1$29
shading on tree
176036Klaus 1996M1$29
sold176036Klaus 1996M1sold
shading on tree
sold176036Klaus 1996M1sold
Kmart Exclusive Plush #1 n/aM3$30
sold Kmart Exclusive Plush #1 n/aM3sold
sold Kmart Exclusive Plush #2 n/aM3sold
sold Kmart Exclusive Plush #3 n/aM3sold
Kmart Exclusive Plush #4 n/aM3$30
sold Kmart Exclusive Plush #4 n/aM3sold
sold118385Knut n/aM1sold
272140Kris 1997M1$29
272140Kris 1997M1$26
box smashed on right front
sold272140Kris 1997M1sold
141194Kristen 1995M1$31
sold141194Kristen 1995M1sold
662453ALacey 1999M1$34
sold662453ALacey 1999M1sold
337463Lance 1998M1$29
sold337463Lance 1998M1sold
203440Larry 1997M1$18
sold156396Laura 1997M1sold
0000370Leanne n/aM1$22
layaway0000370Leanne n/aM1$22
sold0000370Leanne n/aM1sold
hold0000370Leanne n/aM1$22
layaway0000370Leanne n/aM1$22
272167Lee 1997M1$27
sold272167Lee 1997M1sold
sold302627Leilani 1997M1sold
Enesco did not include a passport stamp
118213Lenor and Blanche n/aM1$35
hold118213Lenor and Blanche n/aM1$35
sold118213Lenor and Blanche n/aM1sold
104665Leslie n/aM1$13
sold104665Leslie n/aM1sold
104628Let's Celebrate n/aM1$20
sold104628Let's Celebrate n/aM1sold
soldCT993Letty n/aM1sold
114105Lewis and Clark n/aM1$49
sold114105Lewis and Clark n/aM1sold
726710Liam n/aM1$27
sold726710Liam n/aM1sold
202347Lian 1996M1$30
202347Lian 1997M1$28
box discoloration
sold202347Lian 1996M2sold
sold305979Libby 1997M1sold
202959ALily Exclusive 1996M2$23
slightly sticky bottom
sold202959ALily Exclusive 1996M2sold
slightly sticky bottom
202959Lily 1997M1$18
sold202959Lily 1998M1sold
error piece with light bear (should be non-exclusive dark bear)
202959Lily 1998M1$25
error piece with light bear (should be non-exclusive dark bear)
281891Lincoln n/aM1$22
sold281891Lincoln n/aM1sold
141178ALindsey and Lyndon Exclusive 1996M1$34
sold141178ALindsey and Lyndon Exclusive 1996M1sold
203548Lion 1996M1$16
sold203548Lion 1996M1sold
219061Lionel 1996M1$30
layaway219061Lionel 1996M1$30
sold219061Lionel 1996M1sold
103780Lisa 1994M1$34
103780Lisa 1996M2$26
some blur on part of registration number
sold103780Lisa 1996M1sold
624802Little Bo Peep 1995M3$26
dented box corner and side
sold624802Little Bo Peep 1997M1sold
dented box
624780Little Jack Horner 1994M1$29
624780Little Jack Horner 1994M3$24
box dinged
sold624780Little Jack Horner 1994M1sold
624799Little Miss Muffet 1994M1$28
bent box corners
sold624799Little Miss Muffet 1997M1sold
103756Logan 1997M1$23
sold103756Logan 1997M1sold
302511Lois 1997M1$28
sold302511Lois 1997M1sold
676934Londa n/aM1$23
sold676934Londa n/aM1sold
666963Loretta 1999M1$23
666963Loretta 1999M1$22
666963Loretta 1999M1$21
number written on box
sold666963Loretta 1999M1sold
601608Lotje 1999M3$39
no original plastic wrap; box lid rip below tab hole; slightly stained bottom (from tag)
sold601608Lotje 1999M1sold
203432Lou 1997M1$18
sold203432Lou n/aM1sold
103640Love 1994M1$24
sold103640Love 1994M2sold
4003827Love Is The Best Stocking Stuffer n/aM1$16
layaway111505Luke n/aM1$21
sold111505Luke n/aM1sold
661929Lydia 1999M1$29
sold661929Lydia 1999M1sold
310735Lynn with Angel 1998M1$29
sold310735Lynn with Angel 1998M1sold
310735ALynn with Star 1997M1$35
sold310735ALynn with Star 1997M1sold
sold847364Macdonald and Bessie n/aM1sold
brown cow
202312Machiko 1996M1$32
sold202312Machiko 1996M1sold
115351Macie n/aM1$9
sold115351Macie n/aM1sold
135593Madeline 1999M1$27
sold135593Madeline 1994M1sold
819727Mackenzie n/aM1$28
dented box
sold819727Mackenzie n/aM1sold
100118Mackenzie Ornament n/aM1$15
sold100118Mackenzie Ornament n/aM1sold
950572Mandy 1994M1$37
sold950572Mandy 1994M1sold
755249March Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115299March Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
978965March Waterball n/aM1$20
685771Marco Pawllini n/aM1$23
sold589934Marcus 1999M1sold
sold103667Margaret 1994M1sold
113954Margo and Baby n/aM1$25
sold113954Margo and Baby n/aM1sold
475602Margy 1998M1$20
sold475602Margy 1998M1sold
156442Marian 1995M1$26
sold156442Marian 1995M1sold
4001550Marianne n/aM1$27
layaway4001550Marianne n/aM1$27
sold4001550Marianne n/aM1sold
910767Marie 1997M1$27
910767Marie 1998M3$24
no original wrap
sold910767Marie 1995M1sold
135682Marilyn 1994M1$21
sold135682Marilyn 1994M1sold
706949Marine n/aM1$20
4003826Marissa n/aM1$21
119430Marjean n/aM1$22
hold119430Marjean n/aM1$22
layaway119430Marjean n/aM1$22
sold119430Marjean n/aM1sold
368164Marlene and Marissa 1998M1$149
error piece
368164Marlene and Marissa 1998M3$89
unusual serial number: 8H2/000
sold368164Marlene and Marissa 1998M1sold
114567Martha Canada n/aM1$30
smashed box corner
sold114567Martha Canada n/aM1sold
476722Marty 1998M1$15
sold476722Marty 1998M1sold
sold476722Marty Rare 1998M1sold
sold476722Marty Rare 1998M1sold
476722Marty Rare 1998M1$45
912840Mary 1997M3$29
slightly sticky bottom
912840Mary 1997M1$35
sold912840Mary 1997M1sold
sold626074Mary Mary Quite Contrary 1995M1sold
805572Matilda n/aM1$29
sold805572Matilda n/aM1sold
476781Matt and Vicki 1999M1$39
sold476781Matt and Vicki 1998M2sold
signed by Priscilla Hillman
156299Matthew 1995M1$20
sold156299Matthew 1995M1sold
sold135690Maureen 1995M2sold
sold755265May Monthly Carousel n/aM1sold
sold115301May Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
978981May Waterball n/aM1$20
864390May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True n/aM3$17
no original wrap, box staple hole
864390May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True n/aM1$19
sold864390May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True n/aM1sold
sold103829Melissa 1996M3sold
103829Melissa 1996M3$24
not original packing
103829Melissa 1996M3$25
slightly sticky bottom
141135Meri 1996M1$30
sold141135Meri 1995M1sold
hold865087Mermaid Shell Box n/aM1$26
sold865087Mermaid Shell Box n/aM1sold
865079Mermaid Waterglobe n/aM1$35
layaway114129Merv n/aM1$24
114129Merv n/aM1$24
dented box tab
sold114129Merv n/aM1sold
sold910775Michelle and Michael 1994M1sold
356255Mike 1997M1$24
sold356255Mike 1997M1sold
4001551Mikeala n/aM1$27
layaway4001551Mikeala n/aM1$27
sold4001551Mikeala n/aM1sold
sold912751Miles 1994M1sold
912751Miles 1994M1$31
912751Miles 1995M1$28
912751Miles 1995M3$21
sticky bottom; no original plastic wrap
912751Miles 1993M3$28
slightly sticky bottom
663883AMillennium Bear 1999M1$13
sold663883AMillennium Bear 1999M1sold
sold662321Millennium Plush n/aM1sold
662321Millennium Plush n/aM1$29
sold128023Millie 1996M1sold
128023Millie 1996M1$29
black spot on hat rim
sold128023Millie Prototype 1995M2sold
534137Milt and Garrett 1999M1$24
sold534137Milt and Garrett 1999M1sold
542644Milton 1999M1$25
sold542644Milton 1999M1sold
786578Mimi, Darcie and Misty n/aM1$49
sold453196 453226 453218Miniature Ornaments 1998M1sold
set of 3; resin ornaments are less than 2 inches tall
476706Miranda 1998M1$15
sold476706Miranda Rare 1998M1sold
sold476706Miranda Rare 1998M2sold
signed by Priscilla Hillman
sold352586Missy, Cookie and Riley 1998M1sold
sold269735Mitch n/aM1sold
sold910759Molly 1994M1sold
910759Molly 1994M2$52
4003551Mom Cozy Day n/aM1$24
layaway4003551Mom Cozy Day n/aM1$24
sold4003551Mom Cozy Day n/aM1sold
302988Moms Love 1999M1$30
comes prewrapped with "I Love You" Cherished Teddy topper
sold302988Moms Love 1999M1sold
comes prewrapped with "Mom" Cherished Teddy topper
114126Monique n/aM1$28
sold114126Monique n/aM1sold
sold107041Morgan n/aM1sold
107041Morgan n/aM1$49
624861Mother 1993M1$20
154016Mother Goose And Friends 1997M1$55
sold154016Mother Goose And Friends 1998M1sold
617318Mrs. Cratchit 1994M3$27
slightly sticky bottom, smashed box corner
sold617318Mrs. Cratchit 1994M1sold
136166My Cherished Grandma Photo Frame n/aM3$29
no original wrap
sold335681My Cherished Treasures Musical n/aM1sold
869082My Love 1994M1$29
sold869082My Love 1994M1sold
sold202320Nadia 1996M1sold
box dents
sold916315Nancy 1994M1sold
112411Nanook n/aM1$46
sold112411Nanook n/aM1sold
534110Natalie 1999M1$21
534110Natalie 1999M2$20
sold534110Natalie 1999M1sold
950513Nathaniel and Nellie 1994M1$39
sold950513Nathaniel and Nellie 1994M1sold
912859Nativity Musical n/aM3$99
912859Nativity Musical n/aVG$89
no original wrap; smashed box corner; Joseph bear's head top slightly faded
706957Navy n/aM1$18
104179Ned n/aM1$27
#2414 of 3500
layaway104179Ned n/aM3$24
#2098 of 3500; smashed box corner
sold104179Ned n/aM1sold
601659ENeil UK 1999M1$49
sold601659ENeil UK 1999M1sold
601659Neil 1999M1$75
4001521Nelson n/aM1$32
sold4001521Nelson n/aM1sold
272361Newton 1997M1$18
hold219312Nick 1997M2$27
219312Nick 1997M3$25
no plastic wrap, blue wood lighter
sold219312Nick 1997M1sold
sold141100Nickolas 1995M1sold
141100Nickolas 1995M1$69
914851Nicole 1995M1$19
sold914851Nicole n/aM1sold
sold617245Nils 1995M3sold
no plastic wrap within styrofoam
sold215846Nina 1997M1sold
bright colored balloons; no detectable flaws
215846Nina 1997M1$24
bright colored balloons; no detectable flaws
215846Nina 1997M2$20
sold219118Kirby 1997M1sold
hold100526Noah's Ark n/aM1$109
sold100526Noah's Ark n/aM1sold
848581Nora n/aM1$28
476765Norm 1998M1$29
476765Norm 1998M2$35
signed by Norm Hillman (Priscilla's husband)
706639Norma n/aM1$49
sold706639Norma n/aM1sold
sold916692/916706/916714Norman n/aM3sold
original tags still attached, small Norman
sold916692/916706/916714Norman n/aM3sold
original tags still attached, medium Norman
104139Northrop n/aM1$45
sold755346November Monthly Carousel n/aM1sold
sold115308November Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
979252November Waterball n/aM1$20
CRT013Nursery Rhyme Display n/aM1$55
box discolored; minor surface rip from old tag
soldCRT013Nursery Rhyme Display n/aM1sold
272388Nutcracker Suite n/aM1$78
279641Nutcracker Suite Accessories n/aM1$45
sold534188Nyla and Norbit 1999M1sold
534161Nyla and Norbit Ornaments n/aM1$29
sold534161Nyla and Norbit Ornaments n/aM1sold
755338October Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115307October Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
979244October Waterball n/aM1$20
layaway848557Olaf n/aM1$26
848557Olaf n/aM1$25
dented box
sold848557Olaf n/aM1sold
624845Older Daughter 1993M1$10
624829Older Son 1993M1$10
119429Olive n/aM1$22
layaway119429Olive n/aM1$22
layaway119429Olive n/aM1$22
sold119429Olive n/aM1sold
sold916641Oliver and Olivia 1994M1sold
182966Olga 1996M1$58
mauve squirrel
sold182966Olga 1996M1sold
mauve squirrel
914843Oscar 1996M1$19
sold914843Oscar n/aM1sold
846767Otto n/aM1$41
846767Otto n/aM1$39
smashed box corner
sold846767Otto n/aM1sold
617229Our 1st Christmas n/aM1$29
156604Our Cherished Family Clock n/aM1$58
4001553Our First Christmas n/aM1$18
141259Our First Christmas Together n/aM1$26
864374Our Journey Has Just Begun n/aM1$58
sold864374Our Journey Has Just Begun n/aM1sold
112413Paige n/aM1$10
sold112413Paige n/aM1sold
786586Palmer and Charlene n/aM1$29
352616Pamela and Grayson 1998M1$27
sold352616Pamela and Grayson 1998M1sold
116547Parker and Carly n/aM2$55
signed by Priscilla and Glenn Hillman
sold141313Pat 1997M1sold
141313Pat 1998M1$26
116437Pat Avon n/aM1$13
sold116437Pat Avon n/aM1sold
sold617105Patience 1995M1sold
911429Patrice 1996M2$28
has error coloring: white tail and green quilt square
911410Patrick 1993M1$31
very good color
911410Patrick 1993M2$26
466328Paul 1998M1$30
19644 out of 35000
sold466328Paul 1998M1sold
28334 out of 35000
sold466328Paul 1998M1sold
International piece: 16230 out of 20000
layaway874728Paula n/aM1$13
sold874728Paula n/aM1sold
676888Paul Revere n/aM1$23
833444Pauline n/aM1$24
sold833444Pauline n/aM1sold
116999Payton n/aM1$27
layaway116999Payton n/aM1$27
layaway116999Payton n/aM1$24
sold116999Payton n/aM1sold
dented box tab lid
118321Paws For Patriotism n/aM1$15
sold118321Paws For Patriotism n/aM1sold
116949Penelope and Tricia n/aM1$24
sold116949Penelope and Tricia n/aM1sold
337579Penny, Chandler and Boots 1998M1$38
18751 out of 25000
337579Penny, Chandler and Boots 1998M1$36
20405 out of 25000
sold337579Penny, Chandler and Boots 1998M1sold
04397 out of 25000 <-- low serial number
337579Penny, Chandler and Boots 1998M1$42
07265 out of 25000
104973Peter 1997M1$36
sold104973Peter 1995M1sold
slate buttons
104973Peter 1994M3$29
card filled out; slate buttons
4002907Phil n/aM1$28
hold4002907Phil n/aM1$28
sold4002907Phil n/aM1sold
sold617113Phoebe 1994M1sold
617113Phoebe 1994M3$31
reg num smeared (year difficult to read), sticky bottom, no original packing
617113Phoebe 1995M3$36
sticky bottom, card filled out
914762Phoebe Month n/aM1$20
box stain
914762Phoebe Month 1995M1$22
sold914762Phoebe Month n/aM1sold
113368Pieter n/aM1$29
sold113368Pieter n/aM1sold
slightly dented box
476463Pinocchio n/aM1$32
6041Playful Friend n/aM3$29
4002840Polly n/aM1$25
sold4002840Polly n/aM1sold
sold216739Preston 1998M1sold
with Canadian passport!
sold910724Priscilla 1995M1sold
soldCRT025Priscilla Ann 1994M2sold
Signed by Priscilla Hillman
864331Priscilla and Clara n/aM2$58
signed by Glenn Hillman and master sculptor
sold864331Priscilla and Clara n/aM2sold
864331Priscilla and Clara n/aM2$55
signed by Glenn Hillman
sold864331Priscilla and Clara n/aM2sold
signed by master sculptor
sold128031Priscilla and Greta n/aM1sold
17476 out of 19,950
128031Priscilla and Greta n/aM3$88
04276 out of 19,950 <-- low reg num;sticky bottom; no plastic wrap
912808Prudence 1993M3$35
slightly sticky bottom
sold912808Prudence 1996M1sold
912808Prudence 1997M1$24
912808Prudence 1995M3$21
slightly sticky bottom; no original plastic wrap
912808Prudence 1994M1$31
114125Queen Elizabeth n/aM1$29
layaway114125Queen Elizabeth n/aM1$25
sold114125Queen Elizabeth n/aM1sold
116997Queen Victoria n/aM1$
layaway116997Queen Victoria n/aM1$29
sold116997Queen Victoria n/aM1sold
sold6239Rachel Plush n/aM3sold
sold202398Rajul 1996M1sold
115635Randall n/aM1$30
sold115635Randall n/aM1sold
sold476498Randy 1998M1sold
476498Randy 1998M1$26
sold631345Ray 1999M1sold
533912Rebecca n/aM1$22
sold533912Rebecca n/aM1sold
sold739030Rebecca Exclusive n/aM1sold
269999Rex 1997M1$16
sold269999Rex 1997M1sold
118320Rhonda n/aM1$29
118320Rhonda n/aM1$28
box tab little dented
sold118320Rhonda n/aM1sold
352721Rich 1998M1$25
sold352721Rich 1998M1sold
141291Rick 1996M1$15
sold104144Ricky n/aM1sold
118820Riley and Jaclyn n/aM1$24
tab closes badly
layaway118820Riley and Jaclyn n/aM1$24
sold118820Riley and Jaclyn n/aM1sold
476382Ring Bearer 1998M1$13
sold476382Ring Bearer 1998M1sold
476617Rita 1999M3$36
no original plastic wrap, smashed box corner
sold476617Rita 1999M1sold
911402Robbie and Rachel 1998M1$32
sold6240Robbie Plush n/aM3sold
156272Robert 1995M1$24
sold156272Robert 1995M1sold
156434Robin 1995M1$25
sold156434Robin 1995M1sold
118322Rocky n/aM1$13
sold118322Rocky n/aM1sold
533882Rodney 1998M1$30
includes tin, Rodney beanie, and Rodney figurine
sold533882Rodney 1998M1sold
includes tin, Rodney beanie, and Rodney figurine
477516Roger 1999M1$25
203114Romeo And Juliet 1997M1$78
rare: matching serial numbers
sold203114Romeo And Juliet 1997M1sold
706647Ron n/aM1$25
US version: #22930 of 25,000
sold706647Ron n/aM1sold
US version: #6385 of 25,000
706647ERon International n/aM1$29
International version
sold706647ERon International n/aM1sold
International version
912905Ronnie 1994M1$25
hold912905Ronnie 1994M1$25
sold912905Ronnie 1994M1sold
789755Roosevelt n/aM1$25
789755Roosevelt n/aM1$38
signed by designer Glenn Hillman
sold789755Roosevelt n/aM1sold
signed by designer Glenn Hillman
sold789755Roosevelt n/aM1sold
sold706981Rosemarie and Ronald n/aM1sold
822760Rosemary n/aM1$25
sold822760Rosemary n/aM1sold
797146Josette Beanie n/aM1$14
sold797146Josette Beanie n/aM1sold
466298/466271Roy and Sierra n/aM1$45
matching serial numbers; only sold as pair; box tag rip
sold466298/466271Roy and Sierra 1992M2sold
signed by designer Glenn Hillman; matching serial numbers; only sold as pair
sold466298/466271Roy and Sierra 1992M1sold
matching serial numbers; only sold as pair
100057Rusty n/aM1$35
203041Ryan 1996M1$25
203041Ryan 1996M3$23
sold203041Ryan 1996M1sold
902772Sailor Boy Photoframe n/aM1$25
Box only included with purchase of both boy and girl frames
902772Sailor Girl Photoframe n/aM1$25
Box only included with purchase of both boy and girl frames
sold902632Sailor Girl Magnet n/aM3sold
903132St Patricks Pin and Earring Set n/aM1$10
sold903132St Patricks Pin and Earring Set n/aM1sold
510955Sally and Skip n/aM1$34
8c8/408 (8,408 out of 25,000)
sold510955Sally and Skip n/aM1sold
8e3/743 (23,743 out of 25,000)
sold302619Sam 1997M2sold
950726Sammy 1992M1$39
sold950726Sammy 1992M1sold
203467Sandy 1997M1$22
sold203467Sandy 1997M1sold
534242Sanford 1999M1$29
sold534242Sanford 1999M1sold
352713Santa 1998M1$27
sold352713Santa 1998M1sold
118319Santa Candle Holder n/aM1$27
sold118319Santa Candle Holder n/aM1sold
269905Santa Express Snow Bear 1998M3$29
no original wrap; staple hole in box top
sold269905Santa Express Snow Bear 1997M1sold
sold269891Santa Express String of Lights n/aM1sold
707295Santa Sitting With Toys Mini Figurine n/aM1$9
sold707295Santa Sitting With Toys Mini Figurine n/aM1sold
176168Santa with Ho Ho Blocks n/aM1$16
sold176168Santa with Ho Ho Blocks n/aM1sold
sold176168Santa with Joy Blocks n/aM1sold
950432Sara Error 1994M2$52
slightly sticky bottom, box rip from label
549967Sara Plush n/aM2$27
sold549967Sara Plush n/aM2sold
sold308676Sarah n/aM1sold
662003FSawyer and Friends IPR 1999M1$32
sold662003FSawyer and Friends IPR 1999M1sold
622788Scrooge and Marley Counting House n/aM1$98
sold622788Scrooge and Marley Counting House n/aM1sold
137596Seal 1995M1$18
869074Sealed With Love 1994M1$25
sold869074Sealed With Love 1994M1sold
916439Sean 1999M1$18
sold916439Sean 1995M1sold
916439Sean 1998M3$19
sticky bottom; not original wrap
534102Sedley 1999M1$21
103608Sending You My Heart Boy 1992M1$20
includes papers
sold103608Sending You My Heart Boy 1992M1sold
includes papers
103616Sending You My Heart Girl 1992M1$20
includes papers
sold103616Sending You My Heart Girl 1992M1sold
includes papers
103551Sent With Love 1994M1$25
sold103551Sent With Love 1994M1sold
755311September Monthly Carousel n/aM1$20
sold115306September Twirl n/aM2sold
unwrapped once
979236September Waterball n/aM3$20
914835Seth 1996M1$22
sold914835Seth n/aM1sold
128015Seth and Sarabeth 1995M1$29
354260Shannon 1998M1$23
sold354260Shannon 1998M1sold
352594Sharon 1998M1$25
sold352594Sharon 1998M1sold
hold114128Sheela n/aM1$24
114128Sheela n/aM1$24
slightly dented tab
layaway114128Sheela n/aM1$24
sold114128Sheela n/aM1sold
sold912867Sheep and Donkey n/aM1sold
White Label (2nd edition)
851809Sheila n/aM1$49
203572Shelby 1996M1$
163481Sherlock 1996M1$39
163481Sherlock 1997M1$38
sold163481Sherlock 1995M1sold
163481Sherlock 1995M1$47
533777Shirley 1999M1$24
805564Sidney n/aM1$29
sold805564Sidney n/aM1sold
202983Silk Flower Pots n/aM1$69
discolored box
hold601551Simone and Jhodi 1999M1$29
951226Sister with Green Stocking Hat n/aM3$32
951226Sister with Holly On Hat n/aM1$39
951226Sister with Red Stocking Hat n/aM1$39
Hamilton Gifts box
789585Six Girls in Basket n/aM1$58
453196Skater Miniature Ornament 1998M1$14
112401Skipper Larsen n/aM1$25
sold112401Skipper Larsen n/aM1sold
546542Sled Ornament n/aM1$12
sold546542Sled Ornament n/aM1sold
276987Sophia 1997M1$25
box discolored, slightly dented
276987Sophia 1997M1$26
276987Sophia 1997M3$24
tag stain
sold276987Sophia 1997M1sold
464112Sophia Ornament n/aM1$15
sold622818Sonja 1994M1sold
622818Sonja 1994M1$31
864307Sonny n/aM1$26
644382Spanky n/aM1$33
sold644382Spanky 1999M1sold
661597Spanky Plush n/aM1$35
sold661597Spanky Plush n/aM1sold
sold269743Spencer n/aM1sold
684457Spring Exclusive Mini Waterball n/aM1$24
sold684457Spring Exclusive Mini Waterball n/aM1sold
617148Stacie 1994M3$28
no original wrap
sold617148Stacie 1995M1sold
pristine white color!
534250Star 1999M1$61
layaway119432Star Ornament n/aM1$19
contains text error "Olive" on bottom
sold119432Star Ornament n/aM1sold
contains text error "Olive" on bottom
114130Stefan n/aM1$29
layaway114130Stefan n/aM1$29
layaway114130Stefan n/aM1$25
sold114130Stefan n/aM1sold
482544Stephanie and Melanie n/aM1$69
sold951129Steven 1994M2sold
112389Stewart n/aM1$28
sold176001Stormi 1996M2sold
269913Street Lamp Bear 1997M1$24
part of train set; doesn't come with plastic wrap
sold269913Street Lamp Bear 1997M1sold
part of train set; doesn't come with plastic wrap
362417Sugar and Spice Accessories n/aM1$20
706760Sullivan n/aM1$20
sold202894Susan 1997M1sold
sold533785Suzanne 1999M1sold
533785Suzanne 1999M1$24
272159Sven And Liv 1997M1$65
soldCRT096Sweetheart Ball Displayer n/aM3sold
no box, missing side panels, back panel little creased on top and upper right side
265810Sylvia 1997M1$37
sold265810Sylvia 1997M2sold
only unwrapped for master sculptor's signature
sold265810Sylvia 1997M1sold
176257Tabitha 1996M1$25
sold176257Tabitha 1996M1sold
510947Tammy 1999M1$81
sold510947Tammy 1999M1sold
476595Tanna 1998M1$15
sold476595Tanna 1998M1sold
sold476595Tanna Rare 1998M1sold
601624Tanner 1999M1$29
sold601624Tanner 1999M1sold
156310Tara 1995M1$22
sold156310Tara 1995M1sold
sold156353Tasha n/aM2sold
01411 of 19,960 <-- low number!
sold927910Tatum n/aM1sold
617156Taylor 1994M1$37
617156Taylor 1994M3$24
sticky bottom; missing plastic wrap
617156Taylor 1995M1$35
sold617156Taylor 1994M1sold
601632Teaghan 1999M1$38
601632Teaghan 1999M1$37
dented box
sold601632Teaghan 1999M1sold
479039Teddies in Motion Displayer n/aM1$39
624918Teddy and Roosevelt 1995M1$179
has glasses!
sold624918Teddy and Roosevelt 1993M1sold
has glasses!
sold686999Terry n/aM1sold
Computer set includes: Terry figurine, 3.5" floppy disk with screen saver, and mouse pad
layaway4000665Terry and Pudsey n/aM1$35
sold4000665Terry and Pudsey n/aM1sold
865095Terry Christmas n/aM1$23
661953FTess and Friend IPR 1999M1$32
175560Thanksgiving Collector's Set 1996M1$85
141542Thanksgiving Table 1996M1$35
950505Theadore, Samantha and Tyler 1992M2$38
box little bent, sticky bottom
sold950505Theadore, Samantha and Tyler Error 1994M2sold
contains blue patch on arm
sold950769Theadore, Samantha and Tyler Christmas 1996M2sold
950769Theadore, Samantha and Tyler Christmas 1992M2$69
box falling apart from presumed water/moisture damage (piece itself untouched); paint job a little sloppy on one face (ask for photo)
950769Theadore, Samantha and Tyler Christmas 1992M1$72
box falling apart from presumed water/moisture damage
951196Theadore, Samantha and Tyler 9 Inch 1992M2$149
Enesco did not include plastic wrap; First edition letter piece!
sold911739Thomas 1993M1sold
sold910740Timothy 1994M2sold
910740Timothy 1992M3$49
sticky bottom, registration num blurred but readable
614777Tiny Ted-Bear 1994M1$28
sold614777Tiny Ted-Bear 1994M1sold
884588Tom Scarecrow n/aM1$18
sold884588Tom Scarecrow n/aM1sold
624810Tom, Tom the Piper's Son 1994M1$28
624810Tom, Tom the Piper's Son 1996M1$24
box discoloration
sold624810Tom, Tom the Piper's Son 1994M1sold
219487Tony 1996M1$27
sold219487Tony 1996M1sold
676845Tori n/aM1$12
CRT109Town Tattler Signage n/aM1$19
soldCRT109Town Tattler Signage n/aM1sold
911372Tracie and Nicole 1997M3$35
no original wrap; slightly sticky bottom
935557Train Accessory Set n/aM1$42
sold935557Train Accessory Set n/aM1sold
sold219096Train Car with Toys 1996M1sold
219096Train Car with Toys 1996M1$26
layaway219096Train Car with Toys 1996M1$26
127973Travis and Tucker 1995M1$28
sold354112Trevor 1998M1sold
676985ATrina n/aM1$35
364366Troy n/aM3$20
Valley Forge bell; lid close problem
364366Troy n/aM1$21
Sacramento bear
364366Troy n/aM1$21
St Louis arch
364366Troy n/aM1$21
Valley Forge bell
364366Troy n/aM1$21
Tampa Flamingo
sold364366Troy n/aM1sold
Canada maple leaf
364366ETroy International n/aM1$25
sold364366ETroy International n/aM1sold
726737Trudy n/aM1$26
2001 release
sold726737Trudy 1999M1sold
sold726745Trudy Beanie n/aM1sold
sold6045Tyler n/aM3sold
original tags still attached
6045Tyler n/aM3$23
original tags still attached
706736TwentyFirst Birthday n/aM1$30
sold706736TwentyFirst Birthday n/aM1sold
CRT240Two Bears on Bench Error n/aM1$95
CRT240Two Bears on Bench n/aM1$18
CRT240Two Bears on Bench n/aM3$16
no plastic wrap
sold6236Too Sweet Two Bear n/aM3sold
848603Ursula and Bernhard n/aM1$32
738638Val with Watch 1999M1$39
sold738638Val with Watch 1999M1sold
662291LVal Plush n/aM1$30
sold541222Valentine Beanie n/aM2sold
366854Veronica 1998M1$22
hold366854Veronica 1998M1$22
sold366854Veronica 1998M1sold
sold916293Victoria 1996M2sold
156280Violet 1995M1$15
sold506206Virginia 1998M1sold
soldCT992Vivienne n/aM1sold
CT982Wade Weathersbee n/aM1$24
103934Wally 1996M1$22
CT991Walter n/aM1$20
352608Wayne 1998M1$24
sold352608Wayne 1998M1sold
510254Wedding Collector's Set 1998M1$56
sold510254Wedding Collector's Set 1998M1sold
sold476838Wedding Photo Frame n/aM1sold
perfect wedding or anniversary gift!
Wedding Plush n/aM1$11
848565Wendall n/aM1$27
sold848565Wendall n/aM1sold
851523Wes n/aM1$29
sold851523Wes n/aM1sold
302678Whitney 1997M1$15
sold302678Whitney 1997M1sold
4001522Shakespeare n/aM1$31
sold4001522Shakespeare n/aM1sold
202878William 1996M1$30
with British passport! Box top little dented
202878William 1996M1$31
with British passport!
sold202878William 1996M1sold
with British passport!
617164Willie 1995M1$36
617164Willie 1995M2$33
617164Willie 1994M3$20
smashed box; sticky bottom; paint on bow chipped; not original wrap
617164Willie 1994M3$29
reg num slightly blurred from stick tag; box tag slight stain
617164Willie 1994M1$39
sold617164Willie 1994M2sold
617164Willie 1994M1$25
tiny crack on bow paint
661759Willow n/aM1$39
sold476811Winfield 1998M2sold
unwrapped once to be signed by Priscilla, Glenn, and Norman Hillman
sold476811Winfield 1998M1sold
581696Winnie 1998M1$22
sold581696Winnie n/aM1sold
sold617172Winona 1995M1sold
617172Winona 1995M3$29
layaway848425Winthrop n/aM1$26
sold848425Winthrop n/aM1sold
Special Edition
706701Wolfgang n/aM1$29
sold706701Wolfgang n/aM1sold
476544Woody 1999M1$23
sold476544Woody 1999M1sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Alice n/aM3sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Bear in Santa Cap n/aM3sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Darren n/aM3sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Evan n/aM3sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Margy n/aM3sold
sold815632Wooden Ornament Steven n/aM3sold
sold476773World's Greatest MOM n/aM1sold
sold476773World's Greatest MOM n/aM1sold
World's Greatest NANA
629707Wyatt 1994M1$18
sold629707Wyatt 1994M1sold
629707Wyatt 1994M3$19
sticky bottom
sold617121Wylie 1994M1sold
617121Wylie 1994M3$19
card filled out
617121Wylie 1994M1$21
lid taped to box
617121Wylie 1997M1$21
sold104041Yolanda n/aM1sold
4004818You Are An Inspiration n/aM1$24
sold4004818You Are An Inspiration n/aM1sold
4001523You Have The Biggest heart n/aM1$26
layaway4001523You Have The Biggest heart n/aM1$25
sold4001523You Have The Biggest heart n/aM1sold
sold624853Young Daughter 1995M1sold
creased box
624837Young Son 1994M1$15
141143Yule 1995M1$25
slight box tab close problem
sold141143Yule 1995M1sold
823295Yukon n/aM1$29
sold823295Yukon n/aM1sold
sold950491Zachary 1992M1sold
950491Zachary 1993M1$55
no freckles on doll (error); label on top of box
sold950491Zachary 1992M1sold
197637Zenzi n/aM1$28
box lid doesn't close cleanly
sold197637Zenzi n/aM1sold
852783Zinnia n/aM1$30
contains "edtion" understamp error
sold852783Zinnia n/aM1sold
contains "edtion" understamp error
layaway111695Zoe n/aM1$44
layaway111695Zoe n/aM1$38
sold111695Zoe n/aM1sold