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       We want to introduce "Meet Charlie" below.

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This is Pearson's Meet Charlie.  This is "Charlie" the 1st day his new Mom, Phyllis, and a friend, Kathy, picked him up; Again, Phyllis and Charlie loving each other; Charlie's 1st Xmas Card.  Charlie now has 11 AKC Points, needs just 4 more to be a Champion.   Charlie loves Phyllis very much!  Phyllis loves Charlie even more!  This relationship is the most wonderful love affair between a real person and a cocker that I have ever seen!


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This is Charlie all grown up with Danielle, his Handler that also loves him very much.  Everyone loves "Meet Charlie".

Flash!  Charlie wins Best of Winners in Las Vegas Oct 15, 2000 for another point.  Now he has 12  AKC points.....just needing a major to finish!

Newsflash! Charlie finishes his Championship at Rancho Sante Fe Polo Grounds in real Cocker Spaniel style. Charlie is an AKC Champion...............

Charlie finishes at Del Mar Kennel Club on November 11, 2000. 

Now His formal name is Ch. Pearson's Meet Charlie.........His friends just call him "Charlie".........Congratulations Phyllis.......

If you would like to email Charlie your Congratulations, his email is:


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This is "Meet Charlie's" Brother "Sunny" who lives in Belgium and won Best-In-Show at the Holland Cocker Club 2000 (Europe). 
Charlie's Sister "Tasha" who lives in Texas.