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Here's our kids and our Grandchildren.

Contact us at:

Phone:  (760) 377-5225

We believe in keeping our grandchildren in the sport of pure-bred dogs.  It teaches them self-confidence, sportsmanship and pride.


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Our Grandson,Justin,w/Rose.              Grand-daughter, Cathy w/Barney
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Cathy showing "Dallas"  in Juniors.        And Candy won a ribbon with "Peanut".  

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Sweet Candy is 8 years old;  4 of our adorable grandkids tent camping in Granny's yard!

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                        This is Cathy as a baby with Ch. Jem 1991; Cockers make wonderful family pets.


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                This candid photo tells it all...........Our Grandson, "Tyler" sleeping at a dog show with our Saint Bernard 1996.

Contact Us:

Phone:  (760) 377-5225