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We CERF and OFA our cockers....CERF is the certification for eyes; OFA is the hip certification from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals...all responsible & reputable breeders do this.



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Flash! Ginger wins in San Mateo Kennel Club December 3.....SHE'S A CHAMPION!

This is Pearson's Ginger Rogers at 1 year old with Mrs. Beckwith (Judge) and Jan handling at the San Fernando Kennel Club November 2000.  Ginger is Ben & Brian's litter-sister, born October 23, 1999

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Ben at 8 months (Best-of-Variety).   Ben at 10 months (Best-of-Variety)

Janice with her newest champion male,  8-month old  "Ben:   Photographed in June 2000.   He was born October 23, 1999.  His real name is International & American Champion Pearson's It's The Cheese!    "Ben" is linebred to BIS Ch. Tagalong's Winterfrost and Mexican & American BIS Champion Tagalong's Macho Man.   "Ben"  is offered at public stud;  His eyes have been examined and certified by CERFand he his Preliminary OFA (hip) certification was normal (November 2000)  He is available at stud to approved lady cockers.

and more champion Cocker Spaniels.............                                                                                                                 

savebarney.JPG (8983 bytes) "Barney"   Ch. Pearson's Sugar Daddy.   His father was Ch. Juban's Fire & Ice, full brother to the well-known Ch. Juban's Georgia Jazz.   Barney was OFA good, and his eyes were last CERF'd on October 7, 2000.  Barney is now listed in the American Spaniel Club's Permenent Health Registry
savecaddy.JPG (9180 bytes) "Caddy"   OFA Excellent, and CERF'd on 9/99.  Caddy won the American Spaniel Club's  Best-of-Variety Futurity in 1993.
savekid.JPG (4647 bytes)  "Kid"     Ch. Pearson's Cassidy Kid;  Listed in the Permanent Health Registry for the American Spaniel Club.   "Kid" was consistent in producing cocker type that wins in the show ring.   Kid is listed inthe American Spaniel Club's Permenent Health Registry
          savejack.JPG (5182 bytes)  Offered at Stud:  Ch. Pearson's That's A Fact Jack.  Father & Grandfather of International Champions all over the world.  "Jack"   won his very first show at the age of 6 months by winning Best-of-Winners at a Cocker Specialty, defeating over 40 parti-color cockers.  He is now 9 years old.



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American Ch & Int'l Ch. Pearson's Debbie Does Dallas, July 2000 at the International Dog Show.  Dallas again with Janice at Kings KC of California March 2001.


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Ch. Pearson's Yanky Doodle Dandy           Ch. Pearson's California Poppy with the late Arron Morris


  saverose.JPG (11165 bytes)        "ROSE"      Ch. Pearson's Cadillac Rose "Rose" was the first champion I bred.   She is the mother of multiple American & International Champions.  Rose is terminally ill now, but she is still the "Lady of the House".     I give her the credit for adding  correct structure and sporting dog movement into the Pearson Line for many generations.

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This is Warren and his beloved "MeMe".  MeMe sleeps with us!


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Ch. Pearson's Kool Aid Sugar Kid w/Bob Covey       Ch. Pearson's Cadillac Class Act
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Ch. Pearson's Cadillac Deville                                              Ch. Pearson's Different Drummer w/Jan in Puerto Rico




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