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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What colors is parti-colors?  Parti-colors is 2 or more broken colors, which one color must be white.  Traditionally, there are black & white, red & white, and tri-colors (meaning 3 colors).  There are also other colored partis available, however, I only breed the traditional colors.

  How long have you been breeding Cocker Spaniels & Saint Bernards?  Janice has been breeding Cocker Spaniels since 1984.  Warren has been raising Saints for 4 years, having only 1 litter which our male came from:   International Best-In-Show dog "Homer Simpson".

Are you a member of any Cocker Spaniel Clubs or Organizations:  Yes, we are members of the National Club "The American Spaniel Club", and we are both club officers of the "High Desert Cocker Spaniel Club of Southern California".  We are also honorary members of the Joshua Tree Australian Sheperd Club.

Will you have puppies in the Future?  Yes, occasionally, but we breed for only for Show Quality.  Occasionally we have a few pets in a show litter.

I see AKC Cocker Spaniel puppies in the petstore, they are so cute, can't I buy one there?  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER buy any puppy from a petstore.  A reputable breeder does not sell quality puppies to a petstore, they want to know the new parents of their puppy.  The majority of petstore puppies are from puppymills who care nothing about health & temperament issues. 

But the petstore puppies are AKC?  By buying a petstore puppy, you will  promoting the disgusting, unethical, and deplorable breeding conditions that produced that puppy.  I personally know of puppymill owners driving from petstore to petstore in the Los Angeles area selling their poor & sick puppies for as little as $75;  the petstore then marks the price up  $400-$750.  Everyone involved is only in it for the money.  The unknowing & unsuspecting buyer thinks the puppy must be good quality because it costs so much, and, after all, the puppy is AKC.  The AKC papers are only as honorable as the breeder.

But I just want a pet, not a show dog.  "Every Show dog can be a pet, but not every pet can be a show dog".  It's ok to look for a pet, but you should be looking for the best quality you can find because of health & temperament reasons.  There are cockers that have bad temperaments that should NEVER be bred, and they are bred.    There are cockers that have major health problems, Seizures, Thyroid, Hip Dysplasia, Cataracs (causing blindness at an early age), etc.  Make sure you pick a reputable breeder.

Is there Cocker Clubs that can help me?  Yes, and we will be happy to guide you to the right Club, just email us your location.

Will you sell a dog to anyone if the price is right?  No.  prospective parents are screened to make sure each Pearson Puppy will be healthy, happy, & safe in their new home.  If, in the screening process, it is determined that a potential home is not suitable, the  puppy will not be allowed to go to that home, no matter how much money is offered!

Do you screen for genetic defects?   Yes.  We have hosted CERF Eye Clinics in our community every year 1989-1997, done right in our house...inviting every dog owner in our community to participate.  Now we travel to other communities to participate in other Club's CERF clinics.  We also do "OFA" hip certifications.   Our Last CERF clinic was October 7, 2000 in Paso Robles, California and we traveled 10 hours (Round-trip) to attend. 

What is CERF?  It is a way that a Board Certified Vet Ophthalmologist examines the dog's eyes and determines if there is Cataracs, PRA (night blindness) and other genetic defects present.   Every reputable cocker breeder should be doing this before breeding.

Why do you test?  We firmly believe cockers should be tested prior to breeding, so as to give the best possibility of healthy and long-living cocker spaniel puppies.

Do All Cocker Breeders test?  No.   Only the breeders concerned with the future of the Breed do routine testing.

How can I know if they test?  Ask them if they test.  If they don't test, they will have no idea what you are taking about.  This is perfectly OK to ask.   We personally respect people that ask, and we don't get offended.    IF THE BREEDER HAS NO IDEA WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT, DON'T BUY A PUPPY, AND WALK AWAY.


As more questions come in, I will update this page.  Please email me your questions.  I am never too busy to help the beginners.