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Using the Navigation Bar

The navigation bar should appear in the top frame of your browser window and should look something like the following:

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Fields of Blue: Clicking on one of the items in the blue field will take you to one of the major areas of the site:

Categories: On the navigation bar below the fields of blue are the various categories separated by the icon. Selecting a category displays a collection of thumb nail pictures of various Cherished Teddies that belong to that category. Clicking on a thumb nail picture will display the detail page for that Cherished Teddy. Clicking on the interest list icon for a specific piece will add the specific piece to your interest list. The first time you click on this icon an interest list will appear in the leftmost frame.

The General category contains thumb nail pictures of all the Cherished Teddies for sale at this web site.

Using the Inventory List

The inventory list lists all items that are currently for sale at Mary T's Attic. If you aren't able to use the interest list feature, then you can use the inventory list to express which pieces you are interested in. Simply click on the next to the item that you are interested in. When you have indicated all the items that you are interested in, click on the button at the bottom of the inventory list page.

Using the Interest List

Browsers: The interest list portion of this web site requires version 4.0 or above of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. If you have an older browser, you can still use the Inventory option (found on the top navigation bar) or you can download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. In general we have found fewer bugs and better performance with Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and we recommend it.

Adding Items: If you want to start an interest list of items you may be interested in purchasing, simply click on the picture from any category and more detailed information will appear, including any inventory. In order to add an item to your interest list, click on the icon next to the inventory item that interests you. If the item does not appear in the left frame, then there is a good chance that your browser does not support the interest list feature. If the interest list feature is supported, the leftmost frame will keep track of all the items you put on your interest list. If you want to submit your interest list, just click the button. You will receive mail (usually within 24 hours) regarding any items on your interest list in case you want to buy anything.

If your browser does not support the interest list feature, use the Inventory option and select the item you want from there or upgrade your browser by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of this page.

Removing an Item: In order to remove an item from the interest list, click on the icon next to the item that you wish to remove from your interest list prior to clicking on the button.

Back Arrow: If you are using the "Interest List" feature, using the browser's back arrow can cause items to disappear from the interest list. In general, try to use the navigation links on the various pages when using the interest list.

"Unable to locate mail server" error

If you receive an "Unable to locate mail server" error then your browser probably isn't set up to send e-mail properly. Instead go to whichever program you normally use to send e-mail and send me a note at and I will help you from there.
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